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Leather Lazy Lounge Chair

Oct 22, 2019

The backrest of the sofa chair is designed to be streamlined, which greatly enhances the user's comfort. This shape is designed to ensure that the human body and the chair are in contact with a larger area, and the spine and the back can be more completely obtained. In addition to this, this sofa chair also has a headrest design, so the clever design can further increase the overall comfort of this sofa chair.


The legs seem simple and can't withstand too much pressure. In fact, the opposite is true. Because the legs of this sofa chair are made of iron, they are very stable and can guarantee a lot of weight. It is also mentioned that the surface of this sofa chair is made of environmentally friendly material, which is not only delicate and wearable, but also has very good elasticity.

The entire cushion and backrest are in black tones, giving this sofa chair a mature sense of stability, with simple legs and legs, and with gold, there is also a strong luxury style, this sofa The chair adopts a three-dimensional cutting and splicing process, so the fine stitching brings a unique rigorous style to the sofa chair, while the white line and the black main color form a good contrast.