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Leather Chair Merits

Jan 23, 2017

1, easy to clean, difficult to deformation, relative to the Velvet seats, dirt is falling on the leather surface, without the seat depth, so gently wiping with a cloth can clean up the work. Leather sofa material strong difficult to deformation, and it has very good elasticity.
2, elegant, leather chairs gives a feeling of wealth, high grades, leather and bright, fresh, and shows in the living room living room atmosphere and gorgeous. Also to reflect the owner's taste.
3, easier to heat, while leather chairs will heat, but its better thermal performance. Leather seats, with a few hands to disperse heat, or sit on it for a while won't feel so hot.
Leather chair disadvantage
1, surface damage, sharp is the leather's nemesis, event, such as knives, scissors, needle, would leave marks on the leather. So soon is a Chair loses its noble features of nature. Leather seats need careful care.
2, maintenance problems, leather chairs and heated aging happens when, if disregarded, they'd lose their luster, you can't find leather chair of superiority. So it's very hard master, and less time to maintain it.