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Learn These Two Strokes, Say Goodbye To The Dust On The Mesh Chairs

Nov 29, 2017

Now many families have computer chairs, regular computer chairs sitting is very comfortable, the problem is that many people do not know how to clean and maintain after use of a long time,  So lets talk about how to clean the mesh fabric chair today.

Mesh chairhave already a more common product category of computer chair products. Mesh chair to make it more long-term use only after regular maintenance,lets talk about how to clean the mesh chair was better?

Mesh chairs, is a fashionable computer chair which is popular recently. Tactile impression is comfortable, warm petty feeling, favored by white-collar women love.The cleaning and maintenance methods of fabric computer chair and mesh computer chair are basically the same, but the fabric material is different from the mesh with a hollow grid, the difficulty of cleaning to be slightly larger, it is better to have a chair cover. Of course, there are some special designs.

How to clean and maintain the mesh chair?

Whether foreign or domestic, the mainstream ergonomic computer chairs, in order to protect the human body in all aspects of the comfort and health, mainly the quality of mesh mesh chairs. Not to mention the functional aspects, the most direct is the ventilation of mesh fabric chairs than leather chairs,let sedentary family and the boss sitting more comfortable, so this type of chair is very common in the office.

In the maintenance, pay attention not to put scissors, knives and other things that easy to break the mesh on the mesh chair usually, the conditions can also add a dust-proof cover.

When cleaning, the main cushion is not good to clean, of course, some high-end computer chairs is the use of pure mesh cushion, no sponge on the cushion, this chair cleaning is relatively simple. Most homes or offices use mostly computer chairs with sponge cushions, so here's how to clean such chairs. Different family situation is different, the following provides two ways for everyone to choose. Mesh office chair is also the case!

Method 1: Suitable for home without a vacuum cleaner.

First with a feather duster and other care under the dust; second with a little detergent in water, the cloth into the water, and screwed to dry; then scrub the chair with a rag a few times; gently scrub with a soft brush, and then dry it. To quickly dry, you can also consider using a hair dryer , but do not blow it too long.

Method 2: Apply to a vacuum cleaner, it is best to have a high temperature cleaner.

Firstly dust. First vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, dust particles from the overall adsorption. No vacuum cleaner, with a feather duster and other care under the dust, but also for the overall first dust; dilute the detergent, but also can be injected into the tank, and then in the computer chair full of spray cleaner; detergent to stay in the computer chair for a period of time, so that stains From the fiber; with high temperature cleaning machine pumping, and then dried with a dryer can be. If you do not have these electrical appliances, or use a soft brush lightly scrub, and then air-dried.

The above methods of treating mesh chair is ok, including mesh conference chair.