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It's Time To Change Your Office Desk

Jan 26, 2021

Now in life, the most important productivity tool for almost everyone of us is the computer we are using, and the time to sit in front of the computer in a day has also come to 8-10 hours, or even longer. And we all know that sitting for a long time will cause certain damage to the body, and if your sitting posture is not correct, then it can be completely worse for your cervical spine. Cervical pain often occurs, sometimes causing dizziness and headaches. After a long time, the physical damage is relatively large.

And the alternate standing and sitting office methods are also beginning to emerge, which can reduce the hazards of sedentary sitting and work more efficiently. I just moved to a new studio this time, in order to have a more comfortable working environment in the future. Next, let us take a look at the performance of this product in our work.

Height Adjustable Office Desk

Sitting for a long time is very unfriendly to the lumbar spine, and it is easy to get edema of the inverted leg. After using this electric lifting table, you can adjust it to a suitable height according to your height, which can relax and stretch your body, and you don't have to keep your head down, and you can lose weight by the way. You read that right, you can really lose weight. Studies have shown that if you stand for an average of 5 hours a day, then the "burned" calories are 3 times that of sitting. At the same time, standing office can also prevent and treat joint diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and stomach diseases.

Although standing can make our spine more relaxed, it is unrealistic for us who work for a long time to stand all the time. After sitting down, you can adjust the table height according to your own chair and height to avoid muscles. Soreness and other problems.