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Is The Gaming Chair Really Suitable For Playing Games

Feb 23, 2021

First of all, the gaming chair is definitely suitable for playing games. You must know that the origin of the gaming chair was born for games. We know that the average professional player has to train for more than ten hours a day. If the gaming chair is really not suitable for playing games , Which professional players must have long gone.

Whether it is playing games or sitting still at work, you will feel soreness in your waist. When you have back pain, you can beat it with your hands a few times. When you are overworked, you can take more rest and rest. However, the hidden problem of the body is not just pain or dry eyes, it is that sitting for a long time is not good for your health, it is time to consider using a good seat!

Gaming Chair


The main features of gaming chairs are:

1. Fabric mix and match: According to the comfort test results of European seat experts, the backrest is made of sports car-specific soft leather, the seat cushion is made of harder racing-specific carbon fiber imitation leather, and the side wings are still made of well-acclaimed racing-specific particle cloth. decoration.

2. Color mix and match, visual effect: The overall shape is stylish and atmospheric, not only the practicality is first-class, but also the decoration is first-class, which realizes the perfect transition of the seat from pragmatism to neo-visualism.

3. Steel frame upgrade: optimize the internal frame on the original basis, the frame part is thicker by 1 mm overall, the comfort is improved, and the safety is more guaranteed. Filling sponge upgrade: abandoning domestic high-density cold foam sponge, using imported special sponge for racing seats for the first time, and passing 100,000 times of extrusion without deformation.

4. High and straight backrest: It makes up for the problem that most computer chairs have low backrests and the head and neck cannot lean on to rest. At the same time, it also maintains the right-angle sitting position of your hips and waist, which satisfies the third right-angle sitting position recognized by the medical community. An important right angle.

5. Adjustable armrest: The armrest can be adjusted to a suitable height, so that the elbow joint of the keyboard and mouse for long-term operation is 90 degrees, which meets the second right angle recognized by the medical community, and effectively prevents the shoulders and wrists from slipping due to long-term fatigue. Shoulder and hunchback.

6. Five-star iron feet: free to move, safe and strong, rich in metal texture and modern flavor, which brings great convenience to the "mobile office".

7. Height lifting function: The seat can be adjusted to the most comfortable height according to the height of the desk or computer desk, with super flexibility to show your wonderfulness at will. Abundant and flexible accessories: such as headrest, lumbar pad, foot pedal, etc., provide more auxiliary equipment for health and comfort.

E-sports games are different from ordinary online games, so the requirements for chairs are different. If you want to start an e-sports chair, please refer to the product features of the e-sports chair or welcome to our company for on-site inspection

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