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Is The Esport Chair Safe?

Oct 24, 2019

Because the esports chair needs to be versatile, it needs to use a pneumatic rod, which also poses a safety hazard for the esports chair. There have been many safety accidents in the e-sports chair that broke the news before, which has caused many Internet cafe owners to have doubts: Is the e-sports chair safe?

In fact, the safety of the esports chair is related to the material used to make the esports chair and the safety design of the esports chair.


The mesh material uses an imported dragon-shaped special net with excellent elasticity. It is said that this material is very popular in outdoor products in Europe and America, and has 100,000 impacts without damage. Of course there is no such device to test, but overall it is quite comfortable to lie down. The venting properties also make it easier to lie down like sweating a leather chair, and the mesh structure has the added benefit of being easy to clean.

Of course, considering the physiological characteristics of the head, the headrest does not use the net structure, but the PU skin is selected, so that the flipping does not need to be tilted. The net cover structure is used on the seat cushion, which may be a little uncomfortable for the fat person.


 The gas pressure bar is a problem that everyone will pay attention to. After all, many people are scared by the news of the gas pressure bar explosion. In fact, the problem of the gas pressure rod is caused by the inferior products that are not in compliance with the rules. The inert gas is currently used, and the eye-catching certification stamp is really reassuring.

As for the five-claw chassis of the load-bearing air pressure rod, it is made of a hard aluminum alloy.