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Is An E-sports Hotel Worth Investing In

Mar 12, 2021

What is an e-sports hotel?

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E-sports hotel decoration is a new type of hotel based on e-sports games. E-sports hotel combines "hotel" and "e-sports". It is a combination of Internet cafe and hotel, but the main part is still hotel. E-sports hotels are loved by the majority of young people. E-sports hotels not only provide consumers with a high-quality e-sports experience comparable to Internet cafes, but also provide customers with a comfortable accommodation experience. For the hotel industry, this is a new vertical market segment, while for e-sports, the industry chain is constantly deepening.

2. Development prospects of e-sports hotels

The State Sports General Administration has re-approved e-sports as the 78th official sports competition. Some colleges and universities have set up e-sports professional courses. E-sports games are gradually becoming professional and professional. E-sports hotels provide young people with a better A superior and more comfortable experience environment for e-sports games guides players to enjoy e-sports games healthily.

General Internet cafes cannot provide consumers with an independent and comfortable environment. E-sports hotels combine Internet cafes with hotels. Colleagues make up for the shortcomings of Internet cafes and hotels, greatly increasing the passenger flow of e-sports hotels and extending the number of players. Consumption time.

Traditional Internet cafes have been hit to varying degrees in the epidemic here. A large number of Internet cafes with poor operating conditions are on the verge of bankruptcy in the face of two months of no operating income and only cost expenditures, and e-sports hotels are the Internet cafes. At the turning point, the transformation of Internet cafes to e-sports hotels has brought new opportunities for Internet cafes.

From the above perspectives, whether it is a newly opened e-sports hotel or an Internet cafe transforming to an e-sports hotel, it is a good choice, and the future is bright.

Is An E-sports Hotel Worth Investing In?


 Affected by the epidemic, Internet cafes and other crowded entertainment venues across the country have taken measures to shut down, but accidentally caused e-sports hotels to fire. We must know that the current situation of hotels nationwide is that 60%-70% of hotels are closed, about 20% of hotels have been requisitioned, and only a small number of hotels are operating normally, and the open hotels have only a few orders per day, which is similar to closing. In the current severe situation of the fight against the epidemic, e-sports hotels and traditional hotels are crowded and crowded, and many owners who are interested in hotel investment have turned their attention to e-sports hotels.


  E-sports hotel is a combination of Internet cafes and hotels. In the final analysis, it is still a hotel. E-sports is a part of hotel services. The scale of e-sports hotels is generally not very large. There are 20 or 30 guest rooms. The room types are mostly two-person, three-person, and four-person rooms. There are also "shared rooms" with seven or eight people or dozens of people in a room. High-equipped computers, beds, and bathrooms are the basic equipment of an e-sports hotel. Hot water bottles, slippers, hair dryers and other supplies are also available, as well as snacks, drinks, water and other small commodity stores.

  So is E-sports hotel worth investing in?

  E-sports hotels are mostly self-employed, and the investment amount is less than that of traditional hotels. It is almost the same as the investment amount of Internet cafes. The main expenses in the early stage are rent, decoration, and e-sports equipment. The later expenses are operating costs, labor costs, and operating costs. Mainly equipment maintenance. If several equipment are broken in a month, half of the profit this month may go in. The consumer group is mainly young people, mainly students, so e-sports hotels should be opened close to the target group, such as near the university town, which also determines that e-sports hotels rely heavily on consumer groups. , E-sports hotels may enter the off-season.

  In different city levels, the survival status of e-sports hotels is completely different. In second- and third-tier cities, most of the e-sports hotels are transformed from Internet cafes, so the decoration facilities are generally simple and can only meet the demand of "e-sports + sleeping". The selling price ranges from 200 to 400, which is acceptable to student groups. Affordable consumption, and can greatly meet the entertainment needs of young people, so the occupancy rate is relatively ideal, the weekend is basically full of rooms, it can pay back in about one or two years, faster than traditional hotels. As for the e-sports hotels in first-tier cities, due to the high rent and relatively better decoration, the selling price is generally high, ranging from 400 to 1,000. The high selling price makes the occupancy rate of e-sports hotels in first-tier cities far less than that in second- and third-tier cities, and payback is relatively slower.

  In general, e-sports hotels are not just in demand. They are new things. Many aspects are not standardized and unstable. Compared with traditional hotels, they still lack competitiveness.