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Internet Cafe Table And Chair Fabric Explanation

Oct 26, 2019

In the production process of Internet cafe tables and chairs, Xipi and Hanpi have been widely used, which has long been known to everyone. In the past two years, there has been a new leather fabric in the production process of Internet cafes and tables - automotive wear-resistant leather. Below we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three Internet cafe tables and chairs leather fabrics!

Hanpi and Xipi

Hanpi characteristics: soft touch, easy to shape, breathable, with strong tensile properties. The shortcoming is that it is easy to delamination (bottom heel detachment), and many customers report that the Korean leather bar table and chair can be peeled off in less than one year.

Xipi characteristics: The terminology is semi-PU. Compared with Korean skin, the xipi is harder, but avoids delamination. The disadvantage is that it is easy to peel off and crack.

The difference between the two: from the edge of the leather, the base fabric of pu is much thicker than pvc, the hand feel is also different, pu feel softer, pvc feel harder, pu tastes much lighter than pvc.

Car leather fabric

Auto leather has overcome the shortcomings of Hanpi and Sipi. It belongs to PVC and has the advantages of no delamination, no cracking, no peeling, no fading.

The leather for automobiles is different from other ordinary leathers. In comparison, the softness, fullness, thickness, density and brightness of automobile leather are greatly improved. The fibers and capillary pores of automobile leather are very thin. Excellent density, comfortable touch, strong ductility and tensile strength, and good breathability.

At present, in the manufacturing of Internet cafe tables and chairs, automotive leather is widely used in the production of Internet cafes.

For the Internet cafe table and chair manufacturing industry, as the number of Internet cafes grows, the corresponding Internet cafe tables and chairs market capacity will also increase. Take the number of existing Internet cafes as an example. There are 200,000 Internet cafes. Each Internet cafe is calculated by an average of 100 computers. If the price of each desk and chair is 600 yuan, the total market capacity is about 200,000×100×600= 12 billion, this is still a conservative estimate. If the number of Internet cafes increases by 5% per year, the capacity of the Chinese Internet cafe tables and chairs industry will be even more amazing. This has not yet calculated the capacity of Internet cafe furniture, such as business hotels, leisure halls, and electric classrooms.