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Internet Cafe Racing Chair

Sep 29, 2017

Internet cafe racing chair

Racing chair is also name internet cafe gaming chair. The backrest can backwards and the angle can be adjust to 180 degree. It has avant-garde design with Modern fashion outlook. The sponge of the whole chair is high density moulded foam with many advantages such as durable, comfortable, easy to deformation, long life and so on. It has been the first choice for high-end chairs.The racing chair equipped with high strength nylon armrests,which are soft and comfortable. High-grade car seat adjustment angle handle is convenient and durable and the maximum can be adjusted 180 degrees.

Cooling racing chair for the theater, it is more able to drive the atmosphere of Internet cafes. Now Internet cafes game activities are held at home and abroad , most of them are used as a racing chair as a feature area.

The skill of choosing internet cafe chair

1.The seat of internet cafe chair 

A good seat has high cost. In regular, the seat of the internet cafe chair is moulded foam, so Internet cafes and chairs business will basically make a fuss on the cushion.

A good seat is generally thick with a concave curve to adapt to the buttocks curve. So that it  plays a good support and protection. In the meanwhile, allowing you to have a comfortable sitting.


The backrest of the internet cafe chair also should pay attention to its comfort and safety. A part of the chair back is loose, or even produce noise when slight shaking. Such a chair is not only easy to damage but also sometimes there are security risks.

3. Skeleton

I you want to pruchase a good group of cafe chairs, you must pay attention to the skeleton part of the cafe chair. Generally the skeleton of a good chair is 32 with the inner wall to reach 2.0mm, the back is best to reach 1.8mm. This chair is durable.

4.Other details

The other hidden parts and small details of the cafe chair can not be ignored, such as the discovery of rough parts, and even rusty. It is certainly inferior products.