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Internet Cafe Chair Precautions

Nov 10, 2017

Internet cafe chair Precautions 


As long as with a proper use of decent, you can play different functions in different spaces to create a different visual effects in a same chair.

The chairs used in the office environment are more likely to be more Stable, but the details of the considerations, the selection of accessories still depends on the user's habits.


In the measure of the use of Internet cafes chairs habits, there are several priorities you can view from Workwell furniture supplier Co.Ltd:

1. The depth of the cafe chair:

Generally speaking, the more formal occasions, people sitting more straight and sitting in the chair in front of the lighter position, but if at home, When you relax ,you may sit deeper.The whole person seems to fall into the sofa. Before you buy, you can sit and see before you try the sensation of the whole body when you are seated, so you know if it takes into account the needs of both the public and the private.

2. Chair leg height:

This is related to the user's foot length, of course, expect the high bar chairs , the general chair seat height will not be too exaggerated, but if there is indeed a short stature or young children at home, but also to It's taken into consideration.

3. Armrest height:

When you are seated, if you are accustomed to placing your hands in any direction, you may wish to choose a chair with lower or no armrests, but if you are the kind who likes to shrink the whole person in the middle of a chair, the armrests will be higher. Deeper seat is your best choice.  

4 backrest height:

In addition to the backrest stools, low armrests and low back chairs are also available, and the occupant's center of gravity will be placed on the waist of the person; if you prefer to focus on the back and thus lean on In the back of the words, then may wish to choose more back.High chair, then you can look at the height of the backrest is around the neck, and sometimes high in the vicinity of the neck of the chair, but let the user habitually put the neck on the back at a ninety degree angle, so it is easy Causes neck damage.

5. Internet cafe chair slope:

Although the impression of the chair seems to be the cushion and the back 90 degrees, but in fact most of the chairs are slightly greater than ninety degrees tilt, so that people can make the center of gravity slightly backward, the whole people secure Sitting in a chair. Leisure chair larger capacity, let

People seem to be like "lying down" in a chair.

6. Cafe chair softness:

Pay attention to the cushion and backrest softness is comfortable, if not attached cushion. Back of the chair, look directly at the hardness of the material itself, the additional part should pay attention to what the internal filling is used, and test the feeling after sitting up.

7. Internet cafe chair stability:

Pay attention to the chair in the structure of the details of the part of the treatment, you can know the stability of the chair, especially the single chair chair chair as the main support of the chair, should pay attention to structural problems, such as the tenon. Screws and other joints Of the inspection, are very important. The proposed purchase should be personally users to try

Take a look and gently shake the body to experience the stability of the chair