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Inspection Standards And Related Tests For Office Desks And Chairs

Dec 09, 2020

On May 11, 2017, the Beijing Consumers Association released a comparison test result of a computer chair (lifting swivel chair). The results of the computer chair (lifting and swivel chair) comparison were analyzed from the rolling/sliding resistance, stability, seat impact, caster reciprocating wear, The safety of various office computer chairs on the market was tested in terms of load, flame retardancy requirements, formaldehyde emission, and armrest load samples. Next, the black and white computer chair will lead everyone to take a look at the inspection standards of these computer office chairs.


1.Rolling/sliding resistance

The roller is the core component that the office computer chair can move, and the rolling resistance is a key indicator to evaluate the flexibility of the swivel chair. For chairs with casters, unqualified rolling resistance will cause inconvenience to the user during the movement; sliding resistance is an index for evaluating office chairs without casters, unqualified sliding resistance will cause the office chair to be in normal use Abnormal movement causes injury to the user.

2. Stability

The stability test is to imitate whether the swivel chair will tip over when the human body is under the force of the normal use of the computer office chair. If the design is unreasonable and the stability is unqualified, it will cause the user to tip over during normal use, resulting in personal injury .

3.Seat impact

Seat impact is an assessment of the strength and reliability of the swivel chair. During the inspection process, it will imitate the damage of the swivel chair caused by the user from standing up and suddenly sitting down on the swivel chair. The material strength of the casters, the base, the bottom plate, and the overall structure design of the swivel chair can affect this index, causing the swivel chair to break, tip over, and cause personal injury to the user.

4.Handrail static load test

The static load test of the armrest is an index to measure the strength of the armrest of the computer office chair. It is divided into the vertical downward static load test of the armrest and the horizontal static load test of the armrest. By simulating the state when the armrest is subjected to horizontal and vertical pressure during normal use, observe the armrest If the handrail is vertically downward and the horizontal static load is unqualified, it will cause the handrail to break during normal use and cause personal injury.

5.Reciprocating wear of casters

When a person sits on a computer chair and moves back and forth, observe the wear of the casters. Under normal circumstances, if the casters are made of inferior materials, the strength of the chair wheels will be insufficient, and serious wear or breakage will occur during use, which will cause the user to roll over during use and cause personal injury.

6.Static load of base

The base of the office swivel chair is what we often call the five-claw or five-star foot. The commonly used materials of the five-claw material are metal, PU, wood, plywood, etc. The inferior five-claw material is usually low in strength, which will cause it to be used during normal use. Fracture occurred, tipping over caused personal injury.

7.Flame retardant requirements

The flame retardant index assesses the flame retardant performance of office chairs. When the fabric and foam of the swivel chair do not meet the flame retardant requirements during use, fire or open flames will cause fire safety hazards.

8.Formaldehyde emission

Formaldehyde is the most important industrial pollutant. If the released amount exceeds the standard, it will cause allergies, irritation, and cell mutations in the body. However, if the office computer chair is produced with inferior textiles, foam plastics, man-made panels, etc., it will cause excessive formaldehyde emissions, which will cause safety hazards to the human body.

Taking black and white computer chairs as an example, strict quality management is always carried out during the production process of computer chairs to provide consumers with the most cost-effective and safe computer chairs. The above are the inspection standards for computer office chairs to share with you.

--By Weiwo