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How To Use An Elliptical Machine To Lose Weight

Dec 25, 2020

The elliptical machine is the most common exercise equipment in the gym. The advantage of the elliptical machine is that it fixes the joints. Compared with the treadmill, it has less damage to the joints. However, there is a problem with the elliptical machine. If the intensity of exercise is not studied carefully, the same exercise time may not consume as many calories as a treadmill. So let’s take a look together, how can the elliptical machine achieve the effect of weight loss?

1. The elliptical machine mainly controls the amount of body movement through speed and strength. Generally, a fast exercise with a speed of 18 and an intensity of 12 can consume 280 cards in about 50 minutes.

2. According to the above data of the elliptical machine, it can be calculated that you have to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day and exercise more than 5 times a week. After a month, you can have a significant weight loss effect under the premise of paying attention to the mouth.

3. The elliptical machine should not simply run forward for exercise. Both hands are required to gently hold the handrail. The feet are pedaled in sequence, because after the hands and feet are coordinated, the pull and thrust of the hands can be appropriately increased, so that the dog can burn more calories.

4. Do not leave the pedal to keep your body balanced during exercise. So that the joints can be fixed

5. In the process of exercise, the resistance should be appropriately increased, and try different strengths to be able to consume more calories.

6. Regarding the direction of movement, a combination of forward and backward movement can be used, and different exercise methods can be grouped, so that more calories can be consumed.

--By Weiwo