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How To Protect The Knee During Exercise?

Dec 26, 2020

How to protect the knee during exercise

The normal landing posture during exercise can prevent knee joint injury. When landing, the forefoot should touch the ground first, the knee joint should be bent, and the body should be slightly forward. Avoid knee joints as far as possible. Please choose a flat and suitable venue. Exercise, do not exercise in places that are too hard or bumpy.

Do warm-up exercises for ten to fifteen minutes before exercise to open the joints of the whole body. After the knee is injured, do not flex and extend the injured area. Instead, straighten the leg and apply ice in time to reduce pain and swelling. It is best to use knee protectors when exercising.

In addition, leg exercises are also very helpful to protect the knee joints. Straight leg elevation is a simple and easy method. The specific method of raising straight legs is to lie on the bed and stretch the legs, let the muscles on the thighs tighten and straighten at a 45-degree angle with the bed, and let the straight legs stay in the air and slowly lower them. Repeat fifty times.