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How To Protect Office Chair Lumbar?How To Buy Office Chair

Jan 12, 2018

In daily work, if we sit for a long time in the design of unreasonable office chair, it will directly affect the operation of our human digestive system. And cause a variety of physical diseases, so the choice of office chair is particularly important.

Base should be stable.when you are working ,the chair often need to move.So the use of a chair with castors has become mainstream, five-point support caster consistent with the new requirements of stability, does not appear overturned, improved safety;

According to the actual needs of choice, materials is divided into mesh and cortex, each with its own characteristics: leather easy to clean, but poor air permeability; mesh breathable good, but do not maintain body stability; back to have hardness, not too soft;

Armrest can not be too high, will lead to tall shoulders, can easily lead to lower back neck discomfort;

Adjustability is very important, depending on the user's physical condition and feel to adjust the appropriate comfort, you can adjust, including: seat height, depth and inclination, height and inclination of the back, armrest height and width;

Backrest support to the waist, there must be support for the curvature of the lumbar design, we often get used to take a pillow cushion in the waist, but if the wrong position but self-defeating, resulting in discomfort;

How to buy office chairs?

1, the depth of office chairs

More formal occasions, people sitting more sitting. While sitting posture should be correct, you need to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation can not do more. Therefore, the time of purchase should be sitting, try to feel the depths of the body when you seat, you can know whether it meets office needs.

2, office chair - chair leg height

This is related to the user's foot length and off, of course, in addition to bar chairs high chair, the general chair seat height will not be too exaggerated, but if the unit does have short stature people have to be considered.

3, the height of the armrest

When you are seated, if you are accustomed to putting your hands down, you may choose to use office chairs with low or no armrests. However, if you like to shrink the entire person in the middle of an office chair, the armrests will be taller and the seating surfaces will be deeper Chair, probably the best choice.

4, the height of the back of the chair

Some person who perfer to sitting corrected can choose to sit on their backs without armrests and backrests, they also have the option of low handrails and low-back chairs. At this moment, the center of gravity of the occupant will be at the waist of the person. If you prefer to focus on the back and therefore rely on Back of the words, then may wish to choose a higher office chair back, this time you can also look at the height of the backrest is around the neck. Occasionally, the height of the chair backrest is near the neck. Instead, the user habitually places the neck on the backrest at an angle of ninety degrees. As a result, the neck may be easily injured.

5, the slope of the chair

Although the impression of the office chair seems to be a cushion and back 90 degrees, but in fact most of them are slightly backward, the whole person sitting in a stable chair. More casual office chair, more inclined, people sitting above it seems like lying on a chair.

6, chair softness

Pay attention to the comfort of the cushion and backrest. If you do not attach a cushion, cushioned office chair, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. The extra part should pay attention to what the internal filler is used, and try to get on the feeling.

7, the stability of the chair

Pay attention to the structure of the chair part of the treatment, you know the stability of the chair. In particular, a single chair to chair and chair as the main support of the chair, should pay attention to the structural problems, such as cards, screws and other joint inspection, are very important. It is recommended to buy the user to try sitting, and slightly shake the body, to experience the stability of the chair.