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How To Maintain A Gaming Chair

Aug 17, 2017


 We know that the gaming chair is mainly made of foam, fabric, mesh, so in the cleaning and maintenance to pay attention to, or it will damage the material inside.


The same computer chair in the hands of different people to keep the old and new level is very different, some people’s chair damaged just after year or half a year, another types of people could spent four or five year with the original appearance, it is not an exaggeration, every person can do it! How to make your home computer chair longer life, and make it not looked old?

Today we will introduce the ways how to maintain a simple computer chair.


     first of all we use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust and particles in the computer chair, because after a long time, some small particles would enter inside the computer chair foam, so this is the first step to do.

     ready cleaning agent, and then filled with a sprayer cleaning agent, then spray it on the surface of the computer chair, and after some minutes, so that stains will separate with the surface fabric.

     After stains will separate with the surface fabric, you can use a clean towel with some water scrubbing, the surface of the computer chair twice.

     after cleaning we should use a water suction machine along the surface to absorb the water of surface, no machine at home, then you can move in the ventilation of the intersection so that it can be naturally dry.

     after evaporation of water, then you can use the dryer to do a further maintenance work on the computer chair.

     After  the completion of the five processes, and finally put protective liquid  to the surface of the computer chair to prevent dirt, particles penetrate the cortex pores caused by secondary pollution, the protective liquid is also generally bought in the supermarket or you can buy it online.


    We should not forget to check the computer chair wheels and armrest, if it’s damaged, it is best to replace one, this parts are not expensive, the expensive part is the main computer chair leather.

    Maintenance of computer chair steps is not very complicated, and very simple. Be sure to keep it on a regular time and your computer chair will be more comfortable!