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What to pay attention to when choosing tables and chairs in Internet cafes

Mar 15, 2021

 When choosing a table and chair for an Internet cafe, first look at the material, color and appearance, and whether it exceeds the size. The country has formulated corresponding standards for the size of Internet cafe tables, chairs, sofas and other Internet cafe furniture according to the functional size and comfort of the human body. . If the size of the table and chair of the Internet cafe differs from the standard by a few centimeters, although there is no big difference from the outside, the chair itself is prone to physical fatigue if you sit for a long time. Phenomenon, customers will go online as soon as they go online. However, if you choose a comfortable sofa chair for Internet cafes, the effect will be different.

   Internet cafe tables and chairs are also referred to by many customers as Internet cafe computer chairs or Internet cafe chairs. Internet cafe chairs are different from ordinary computer chairs used in homes and offices.

   The first is that the home and office computer chairs are more multifunctional, and sometimes they are used for hospitality. The function of the Internet cafe chair is mainly focused on the convenience of the computer.

   The second is that the Internet cafe chair needs to be more hygienic and clean in structural design due to the special environment. At the same time, the size of the Internet cafe chair is closely related to the decoration design of the Internet cafe, so the Internet cafe chair requires special customization. At the same time, the environment of Internet cafes is relatively special, and the quality standards of Internet cafe chairs are required to be high. Because Internet cafes have a large mobile population, if they are easy to break, one is more troublesome to repair, and the other is that the responsible person is not easy to be held accountable.

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