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How To Do The Most Effective Maintenance Of Internet Cafe Tables And Chairs

Mar 12, 2021

 Many Internet cafe practitioners do not care about the maintenance of Internet cafe tables and chairs. Instead, they hire some cleaning aunts to wipe it off. You don’t know this is a very wrong approach. If the Internet cafe tables and chairs are not well maintained, even if the quality is very high Well, there will be problems. If it is serious, a new batch of Internet cafe tables and chairs will be replaced. That way, the gain will not be worth the loss.

  The maintenance of Internet cafe tables and chairs can make the Internet cafe tables and chairs have a longer service life, thereby reducing losses and saving costs. Furthermore, daily cleaning and maintenance of the Internet cafe tables and chairs can keep the Internet cafe environment comfortable and clean, which can also improve Attendance increased operating income. So how to maintain it?

  Carry out maintenance for material problems. If the materials of the Internet cafe tables and chairs are natural wood, they also have the characteristics of plants. Therefore, the Internet cafe tables and chairs cannot be placed close to the heater or placed in a very humid place. The tabletop should be cleaned before the first use, and the furniture should be sprayed. Maintenance agent, and then gently wipe with a clean towel. The table top is very dirty after using for a period of time. Use a soft brush dipped in a small amount of detergent solution to gently scrub, and then wipe it with a clean cloth. If the tables and chairs of the Internet cafe are made of glass, they should be coated with chalk gray water or plaster powder water when scrubbing, and then wipe with a dry cloth after they are dry, so that it is easy to wipe off the dirt and polish. It is not made of glass, but also pay attention to wipe the desktop with a clean cloth every day.

  The same is true for Internet cafe sofas. Internet cafe sofas of different materials are cleaned in different ways, mostly leather or fabric. The leather can be wiped with a clean wet sponge dipped in detergent, or with a cloth dipped in soapy water of appropriate concentration, and then let it dry naturally. It is also possible to buy a special cleaning agent. For cloth, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the surface, and then gently wipe it with a towel.

  To maintain the Internet cafe tables and chairs, you must wipe them frequently, but the rags must not be rinsed with hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant water, as this will damage the gloss of the surface. It is best to remove floating dust on the surface or wipe it with a damp fine cloth. Internet cafe tables and chairs should be waxed and polished regularly to enhance their surface resistance to moisture and light. Pay special attention to avoid dragging hard objects such as wine bottles on the tables and chairs to avoid scratches that cannot be repaired. This is for Internet cafe tables and chairs of all materials. If you accidentally put a drink or other liquid on it, wipe it dry in time to avoid prolonged soaking to avoid damage such as cracking.

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