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How To Distinguish The Artificial Leather And Natural Leather Made By The Game Sofa

Nov 04, 2019

Nowadays, the technology for making artificial leather is getting higher and higher, and the leather products produced are almost the same as the natural ones. It is difficult to distinguish the real thing. So, how do we separate artificial leather and natural leather sofas when we make online cafes?

1. Visual screening method: Firstly, the leather pattern and pores customized from the Internet cafe sofa should be seen separately. The appearance of the natural leather can be seen, the pores do exist, and the distribution is uneven. The back side has plant fibers and side sections. The level is significantly identifiable, the upper layer has plant fibers, and the fingernails will be scratched and the leather fibers will be erected. If there is a pile of velvet, a large number of fibers can also be dropped, and the fabric of the net leather sofa can be seen on the back of the leather. There is no plant fiber on the front, and the common epidermis has no pores, but some have artificial fur pores, there will be inconspicuous pores, some patterns are not significant, and there may be more artificial patterns, and the pores are quite different.

2. Hand touch method: Secondly, the leather sofa made by the sofa is rich and elastic. When the leather side is bent down by 90 degrees, it will show natural wrinkles. Different parts of the bend will be distinguished, and the thickness of the fold will be significant. Unevenly, it can be assumed that this is the dermis. Because the real leather has a natural uneven fibrous structure, the wrinkles are also significantly uneven. The decomposing leather feels like plastic, and the recovery is poor. The thickness of the folds is similar.

3. Breathing method: The natural leather made by the Internet cafe has a very strong fur smell. Even if it is solved, the taste is more remarkable, while the artificial leather product has the taste of plastic and no fur.

4. Extinguish the method: the second is to smell the smell and look at the ashes. When the natural leather is extinguished, it will take back the smell of a burning charcoal. The burnt ash is usually broken into powder, and the artificial leather made by the sofa is made. After the extinction, the flame is also prosperous, the expansion is rapid, and there is a smell of plastic that is hard to smell. After burning, it is sticky, and after cooling, it will become hard and become a block.