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Nov 23, 2017
  1. The base of the mesh chair

    Chassis to meet the load-bearing capacity, cooperation and flexible and balanced chair legs. According to the seminar, four-legged chair legs lead to an imbalance, while the six-legged chair legs touch the ground more, because the legs are too brief and trivial. A good seat should be a five-legged chair leg, which is the most stable and balanced fit for planning.

  2. The comfort of the cushion of the mesh chair

    The best cushion is one-piece, more good quality cushion, there will be a degree of weight tolerance, if the cushion can sit deep according to their own weight needs conditioning, will reduce the feeling of sedentary tiredness. And the curved seat is excellent, because the surface can add thigh bottom and buttocks and the seat of the touch area, so that even the pressure scattered.

  3. Angle of the backrest of the mesh chair

    Not the same weight between different people, the required backrest skew intensity would have been different. The skew force of the general chair is fixed, resulting in light weight people can not stand, heavy people will then rely on the end of the moment, not only did not have the sense of support also briefly turn off. Good mesh office chair should be no matter what posture, all kinds of stance, askew time back chair can wrap the back up to support. The maximum backrest angle of 135 degrees, it is determined by the big data analysis to meet the comfort point of view.