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How To Clean The Mesh Chair Mesh Computer Chair Cleaning Method

Oct 24, 2017

how to clean the Mesh chair ,mesh computer chair cleaning method.

Cloth computer chair is already a computer chair products in a more common product category, fabric computer chair only after regular maintenance in order to make it longer use, the following we say that how to clean cloth mesh chair?

Mesh computer chair, how to clean and maintain?

Whether foreign, or domestic, mainstream ergonomic computer chairs, in order to protect the health of the human body in all directions, are mainly mesh material of the computer chair. Function is not to say that the most direct is the mesh chair breathability than the leather class computer chair is good, so long sit and the boss sitting more comfortable, so the office is very common is this type of chair.

In maintenance, pay attention to usually do not put in the mesh chair scissors, knives and other easy to break the mesh of things, conditions can also be added to it a dust cover.

In the cleaning, the main cushion is not clean, of course, some high-end computer chairs, is the use of pure mesh cushion, cushion no sponge, this chair is relatively simple to clean up. Most of the family or office, the main use of the cushion with a sponge of the computer chair, so the following mainly about the cleaning of such chairs. Different families of different circumstances, the following provides two ways for everyone to choose.

For example, black and white high-end series of computer chairs, cushions without sponge, but only imported mesh, more breathable and comfortable, clean relatively simple.

The first way: apply to the home without a vacuum cleaner

First with feather duster and other dust under the dust.

First with a little detergent on the water, the rags into the water, and twisted more dry.

Wipe the chair several times with a rag.

Brush with a soft brush and then air dry. To quickly dry, you can also consider the use of hair blowing hair, but do not blow too long.

The second: for a vacuum cleaner, and preferably high temperature cleaning machine.

1), the first dust. First with a vacuum cleaner full vacuum, from the overall adsorption of dust particles. No vacuum cleaner, with feather duster and other dust to take care of, but also to the overall first dust.

(2), dilute the cleaning agent, can also be injected into the tank, and then in the computer chair full spray cleaner.

(3), let the detergent stay in the computer chair for some time, so that stains from the fiber.

(4), with a high-temperature cleaning machine, and then dry with a dryer. If you do not have these electrical equipment, or use a soft brush gently wash, and then air-dried.

Cloth computer chair, how to clean up maintenance?

Cloth computer chair, is a popular fashion a computer chair. With a touch of comfort, warm petty bourgeoisie, loved by white-collar women. Cloth computer chair and mesh computer chair cleaning and maintenance methods are basically the same, but cloth material is different from the mesh has a hollow grid, the difficulty of cleaning to a little bit, it is best to have a chair cover. Of course, there are some special designs, such as the following black and white linen computer chair, itself can be body washable, easier to clean up. In addition, the family has a cloth sofa friends, it is easy to understand how the cloth computer chair clean up.