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How To Clean The Mesh Chair And Bar Chair Dirt

Nov 22, 2017

How to clean the mesh chair and bar chair dirt?

In the ordinary days of home furniture or perhaps the internet cafes chairs in use after a period of time, our home furniture or internet cafes furniture appearance is very easy to show some dirt, and some dirt is difficult to clean, this time we will use some cleaning agents to clean, then today I teach us some of usual maintenance methods do home furniture and mesh cloth bar chairs, hoping to help us.

1. Egg white cleaning method: This approach is mainly for those white mesh cafes chairs, usually white contrast was dirty, and the dirt is particularly stubborn, we can prepare a fresh egg. Then take the appropriate amount of egg white, place on the dirt scrub at its appearance more dirty local. This method is particularly useful for leather sofa, egg white with a certain polishing effect, so clean the leather sofa in the future or the internet cafes contrast light sofa.

2. Milk washing method: This method is very useful for wooden cafe furniture, you can use a clean rag soaked in milk for some time, (please do not use the kind of contrast rough cloth, advocate the use of soft contrast fabric) and then use this to wipe wooden mesh cafes chairs can be useful to remove the dirt, and finally scrub with water a few times to be able to.

3. Toothpaste cleaning method: This method of white paint type of internet cafes table function outstanding, painted internet cafe tables are usually black, white and other bright colors, because of its special manufacturing process, the appearance of a smooth lubrication known, but after a period of use, the appearance of dust will cover its shiny and glossy. At this moment, we can use some toothpaste to get the local dirt, then repeat the scrub a few times to regain the luster of the old days, but do not scrub the time too hard, because the fine calcium carbonate particles in the toothpaste will wear off the paint , Will damage the appearance of paint paint.

4. Glycerin cleaning method: In the regular maintenance work of the mesh cafes chairs, we can put a small amount of glycerol in the water. This method is to deal with some stubborn stains, usually painted the internet cafe tables and chairs tea may drink coffee or something, because these are due to some difficult to deal with stains, usually the contrast is difficult to erase, this time with a few glycerin to clean the function is good.

5. Beer cleaning method: take a few of beer boiled and then add some sugar or honey mix evenly, and then find a soft cloth dipped in a small mixture of scrub work furniture, after this step, and then clean with water to two times is finished.

The above methods are also suitable for home or office furniture.