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How To Clean A Computer Chair?

Nov 01, 2017

People love the style of leather sofas, but the fabric sofa because of its beautiful design is also popular. However, when it comes to how to clean the fabric sofa, many people do not know how to "do". So how to clean cloth sofa?

First of all, should be for the fabric sofa regular vacuuming, its the best that cleaning the sofa once a week, armrest, backrest and gap can not be spared. You can also wipe with a towel, but in the use of vacuum cleaners, do not use the brush to prevent the destruction of the woven fabric  so that the cloth becomes fluffy, but also pay attention not to use extreme suction to suck, because it will lead to thread was broken, may as well use a small model of the vacuum cleaner for cleaning.

Second, clean the sofa with detergent once at least once a year, but after the cleaning agent must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will be counterproductive, leaving more serious dirt. As for the choice of cleaning agents, optional anti-fouling agent with a special cleaning agent. Some silicone fog has a dust-proof effect, can be sprayed once a month for cleaning.

The fabric sofa with a jacket can usually be cleaned. Which can be used in the home of the elastic washing machine washing, a larger cotton or linen jacket can get the laundry to spend money on behalf of others, eliminating the need for home cleaning fatigue.

If you want to iron the sheath, it should be noted that some elastic sheath is easy to dry iron, even if the iron should also consider the appearance of the fabric, so the inside of the ironing jacket is more appropriate; if the jacket is cotton, its not appropriate to iron.