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How To Choose The Ergonomic Chair

Sep 01, 2017

How to choose the ergonomic chair?

Most office chair is advertised with ergonomics on the market.So what is the ergonomic?

Ergonomics is to study the relationship between the three elements of the people, machines and environment to provide theory and method of solving the system of human effectiveness and health.

In essence,ergonomics is the natural form as much as possible for of the human body using of tools , so that when people use the tools at work, the body and the spirit does not require any active adaptation, so as to minimize fatigue.

What types chair can be considered ergonomic chair? And when we choose the ergonomic chair, Which points should be attention?


The most important part in the ergonomic is the backrest.Firstly, the back of the chair must be fit with the human spine, evenly distributed body weight, relieve the pressure on the waist, eliminate the pressure point and accumulate heated.Secondary, the pitch adjustment of the back .Different people have the different weight. So the degree of pitch is different. Some ergonomic chair adjust the degree of the pitch by manually so that everyone can find the right weight of their own body.Some ergonomic adjust automatically. It is more convenient than the former.

2.Lumbar pillow

Most ergonomic chairs have lumbar pillow. The lumbar pillows are divided into two types: adjustable and non-adjustable.Of course, the best choice is lumbar pillow with

Stretchy and adjustable.Whether we are writing in the desk or relax,it can play a support for lumbar.The adjustable  position of lumbar pillow is mainly for different people to meet different needs.
3.Seat cushion

In regularly, the seat of the ergonomic chair is divided into two type:one is sponge seat and the other is mesh seat.Both have their own advantages, the sponge seat cushion have not only a certain thickness, sitting with a certain degree of subsidence curvature to fit the person's ass, but also need a high demand of resilience. The mesh seat cushion is more breathable than the cushion of the sponge, but it has higher price and demand than the sponge cushion.Both good elasticity and good load-bearing capacity.


In regularly, The ergonomic adopt 4D armrest.Not only it can adjust the distance between the armrest up and down, but also adjust the distance between the armrest.
There is a easiest way to judge whether a chair arm is comfortable is observe the connection position between the armrest and the chair. If the armrest connected to the chair on the back, when we hypsokinesis , the handrail and human keep the same angle and get comfortable arm support 

In general, a good ergonomic chair should have a mandatory corrective effect on bad sitting and make it easier to keep a natural posture. So in the design of the ergonomic chair, the function of the back, the design and waist support device is the most critical.