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How To Choose An Office Gaming Chair That Suits Your Wishes

Apr 01, 2021

Because everyone's body shape and height are different, and the computer chair cannot be tailored to each individual's body shape, and it is impossible to be realistic. However, the computer chair can achieve very flexible adjustment capabilities, and can fully adapt to and satisfy each user's environment and personal habits. When buying a computer chair, there are a few points to pay attention to

1. The height of the seat cushion can accommodate the thickness of the bones about five or six centimeters

2. The site is secure, the rollers are wear-resistant;

3. The seat back, cushion and other positions should be able to support the weight of the corresponding parts of the human body

4. The height of the armrests should be moderate

5. A chair with a ninety degree angle between the thigh and the hazy part is ideal

6. The height of the computer chair should be coordinated with the height of the child used

A good computer chair must meet the above conditions. We can refer to the above when buying a computer chair. You can definitely choose an office chair that meets your wishes!


In fact, gaming chairs are no longer just pure Ligong furniture. More and more brands combine advanced science and technology. At present, the most popular products of most consumers are "ergonomic office chairs." The more intelligent back design of this office chair can fit the side curve of the human body and provide sufficient support for the waist. The seat cushion is integrated and integrated production and the material is damaged to maintain health.

The seemingly simple brands of gaming chairs are often overlooked by us, but in reality, competitive gaming chairs affect the health of sedentary office workers. Inferior office chairs are harmful to the body when sitting for long periods; healthy office chairs create a comfortable fit for us. Ligong environment. How to choose a high-quality office chair contains a lot of scientific and key health knowledge, which is worthy of our attention. Power.

On the other hand, the tilting force of ordinary chairs is fixed, causing people with light weight to be unable to lean on, while people with weight should lean on the chair at once. There should be no more body. In various postures, the back of the chair will be Be able to wrap the side completely and support it. The maximum inclination angle of the chair back is 135 degrees, which is a comfortable angle obtained by big data analysis.