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How To Choose A Suitable Gaming Table?

Apr 09, 2021

Nowadays, most of the work of enterprises is done with the help of computers, and many of the homework of college students also needs to be completed before the computer. Many people are forced to face the computer for a long time every day, and they also suffer from cervical spondylosis of varying degrees. In fact, a large part of the reason is that the design of the computer desks we use is unreasonable, and occupational diseases are getting worse. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in the purchase of computer desks. If you figure out what kind of computer desk is most suitable for you, and decisively abandon the inappropriate computer desk, the cervical spondylosis will be solved.

Size Of Gaming DeskComputer Desk

Many office workers face the computer 8 hours a day, but their shoulders are more tired than their eyes, and they feel pain from time to time. In fact, the length and width of many computer desks are unreasonable. Normally, in order to reduce the radiation of the computer when working, it is necessary to keep a distance of at least 60 to 100 cm from the computer screen. However, the width of many desks is only 60 cm to 80 cm. Many people are accustomed to keeping their bodies close to the edge of the computer desk. Easier to concentrate, so that people's eyes are closer to the computer, and the radiation received is greater. Many people like to use the keyboard of a desktop computer when using a laptop computer. If the desktop keyboard is placed on the table, the area of the computer desk that can be supported by the hands is not enough. Since the most comfortable posture when people use the computer to type is that the front part of the elbow can be placed on the computer desk, if the computer desk is not enough for the hands, the shoulders will often contract hard and the hands will be the same. The pain is easy to feel. Therefore, the editor recommends that the width of the computer desk is at least 1 meter and the length is at least 1 meter, so that using the computer is more comfortable. A computer desk with sufficient length and width can be regarded as a computer desk that is truly suitable for the human body.

Height Is Also Criticalgaming desks

In addition to the width and length, the height of the computer desk is also an important factor. Not every computer desk is suitable for everyone. The height of many computer desks is obviously too high for women. When typing, they obviously feel that their shoulders are not Comfortable. In fact, according to scientific research, the top of the computer desk should not exceed 70 cm, otherwise working with the computer for a long time will easily lead to low back pain, neck muscle fatigue or strain, hand tenosynovitis and vision loss. According to data, in Japan, the standard height of desks before 1971 was 74 cm, but various occupational diseases occurred frequently. Therefore, Japan comprehensively revised the standards for office appliances and stipulated that 70 cm and 67 cm were for men and women. The standard height of the desk, such a regulation has achieved good results, and many office workers have alleviated the cervical spondylosis. Some people may think that the Japanese are generally shorter than the Chinese. This data is not comparable, but the height of the British is much higher than that of the Chinese. Their government currently recommends that the height of the computer desk is only 71 cm.

gaming deskModern people pay more and more attention to their health, occupational diseases are more common, and ergonomic computer desks have also emerged. Nowadays, there are many computer desks with adjustable height function, which is more and more gratifying compared with the traditional design. If you think that the computer desk you are using is too high, consider this kind of computer desk. It is more convenient for students, because the height of students changes quickly, so you can use this kind of computer desk without worrying about changing to a new computer desk after using it for a period of time, which is convenient and economical.

It Is Best To Adjust The Position Of The MonitorPosition Of The Monitor

Because people's heights are different, the height of the keyboard tray design should be adjustable. The height of the display is too high or too low, which will make people feel uncomfortable when working. If the height is too high, the head often has to look up and the cervical spine is also It’s uncomfortable, and if it’s too low, you need to look down often, and it’s easy to feel tired and it’s not good for your eyesight. Therefore, it is best to choose a computer desk that can be adjusted synchronously after the height of the tray and the computer desktop is designed. The distance between the tray and the desktop should be 15-20mm. Of course, this distance should also vary from person to person. Good distance.

Computer Desk With A Keyboard TrayIs A Computer Desk With A Keyboard Tray Really Suitable?

I believe that many people have the habit of using the keyboard directly on the table, which is more comfortable. In fact, from an ergonomic point of view, it is not recommended to put the keyboard in the tray, because the elbow cannot be supported when used in the tray, and the whole arm is suspended, which makes it more likely to get cervical spondylosis.