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How To Choose A Special Sofa For Games?

Oct 31, 2019

Although many Internet cafe owners will get a lot of information before purchasing the Internet cafe sofa, or combine their own / friends' experience to buy, but Bai Mi still has a sparse. When you buy an internet cafe, you will always neglect some details.

1. pay attention to the style of the Internet cafe chair

Internet cafes are a special place for leisure. The design style of Internet cafes should conform to the theme of Internet cafes. If it is a simple wind network bar, it is relatively simple to match, and the range of Internet cafes is also relatively wide. However, if the Internet cafe is the theme design, it will be more difficult to choose an Internet cafe that conforms to the theme of the decoration style. Under the premise of not finding a suitable sofa chair in the market, you can consider directly to the Internet cafe sofa factory.

2. Internet cafe sofa filler

Nowadays, the fabrics of Internet cafes are easy to change, and the quality of Internet cafes is generally excellent. In the market, the weak point of the Internet cafe sofa is in the sofa padding. The sofa backrest and cushion are directly related to the comfort and service life of the Internet cafe.

3. Internet cafe sofa smell

The material of the Internet cafe sofa is steel frame, wood, sponge, doll cotton, cotton and linen, etc. In order to achieve anti-corrosion, curing, plasticity, etc., the sofa will inevitably use paints, adhesives and other chemical products in the manufacturing process. These chemical products are often the source of pollution for furniture, containing toxic gases such as formaldehyde.

Although some small factories can also realize the production and even customization of Internet cafes, in terms of production process, due to limited conditions, many standards necessary for Internet cafe furniture are difficult to achieve. In China, the environmental protection standard for Internet cafes is E1, and sofas exceeding this standard are unqualified products. Internet cafe owners not only need manufacturers to produce production qualification certificates, product testing reports, but also smell the smell of sofas when purchasing Internet cafes. Too bad smells can pollute the air in Internet cafes, and they must also be unqualified products.