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How To Choose A Good Computer Chair

Aug 23, 2017

     The selection of computer chairs is more easier than select the computer tables. It is important to pay attention to the fastness of the middle shaft, but also try to rotate the fluency, try not to choose the product with plastic roller. The height of chairs should be consistent with the computer table, otherwise it will feel uncomfortable. In addition, there have a requirement is that the height should be  adjustable, backrest should not to heigh, after all some people not suit of the heigh back chair.

     At present, the price of the computer desk in middle grade is 300~500 yuan, more high-end for the 500 to 1000 yuan. It is recommended to buy a mid-range computer table with a bearing structure of about 350 yuan, it’s worthy. And the mid-range computer of approximately 200 yuan, the quality and the style are good, too high-end chair no practical significance.

The height of the computer chair should be based on the “reference”

 At present, the “computer family” is working at home, the game time is getting longer and longer, rigid, square-like routine office space has been unable to meet people’s needs. Therefore, the color diversity, modeling chic, easy to use and so on are paied attention to personality development, concerned about the popularity of office tables and chairs are more and more, but just only the shape or only function is not enough. At the newly held Aurora Designer Forum, Mr.Zhao Hong, director of the Interior Design Institute of the China Architectural Design and Research Institute, suggested  that the design of office space, whether at home or in the office, must be sensible on a rational basis, it means that the coexistence of personalized and professional. He suggested that many people do not meet the height of the office chair,so that the body can not free themselves from the back pain. So how can you adjust to the “best  condition”? First according to the nature of the work to adjust of the desk or table to the oppropriate height. Because of the difference height of the desk have  a difference requirements for the seat of the replacement, and sometimes even need to change a chair. Once the height of the desk is fixed, you can adjust the height of the desk according to the height of the desk and body as a “reference”. Try to choose a chair that have an adjustable function.

Keywords: adjustable

A good computer chair should not only sit comfortably, but also should have high degree of freedom in both vertical direction and horizontal direction, which have a larger range of adjustable.

It’s crucial that choose a comfortable chair. Good chair with dual pneumatic function, both can adjust the height of chair, but slao adjust the back of the pitch angle.

When you buy a chair, you can sit down and feel the back of the chair is soft, the back of the curve is consistent with the curvature of the human spine, fully support the back and waist can reduce the back of the heavy pressure load, to ensure the correct sitting; Whether it is wide and thick, comprehensive support, not only to reduce the weight generated by the body to sit down, also to ease the pressure when the buttocks sit long-term, relax physical and mental, improve the work efficiency. At the same time, we should pay attention to the casters:  whether it is safe and smooth, it can freely turn on the carpet , the plastic quality of the wheel is too hard to hurt the floor.

   Put a cushion to keep sitting

 Keywords: standard sitting posture

Cushion does relief to the person of lumber muscle strain, however, use cushion have a lot of stress. First of all, the cushion must be placed on the waist, if put on the back is useless. It’s because the normal human body spine a total of three physiological bending, due to the physiological demand, they are not in a straght line, thoracic toward back, cervical and lumbar spine forward, from the side, spine like double “s” connection. Because of this physiological characteristics, waist and back can not be placed in the same plane.

Therefore, if put a cushion on your waist when you sitting in a computer chair, you can make the waist to be effictive support, to maintain the lumbar flexion physiology, balanced lumbar and waist muscle pressure, reduce strain, increase the comfort, prevention and improvement of lumbar uncomfort, it’s good for the stability of the spine. 

Secondly, the thickness of cushion should be appropritate. It cann’t too soft or too hard,  if too thick will make waist put foreward excessively and too hard will make people uncomfortable.

When you select the chair, you can put a cushion on the waist, if still feel comfortable after ten mintutes, the thickness is very suitable, if feel tired or pain, it’s mean that you should change one. Furthermore, people who have lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis should pay more attention to the comfort of cushion.