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How To Choose A Gaming Chair

Feb 22, 2021

These specialized chairs are designed for the unique needs and comfort of game players. After a thorough analysis of what the gamers need out of a chair, wiwo can go on to create something that meets all those needs.

And despite what some believe, gaming chairs are not only for gamers. Anyone who falls in the below category  will benefit greatly from a gaming chair:

Works from home and spends a lot of time sitting down

Works in an office and wants to improve their productivity

Have mobility or back issues and needs additional support when in a seated position 

Suffers from chronic or acute back pain 

Wants to be as comfortable as possible when seated 

Spends a lot of time playing games (quite obviously!)

Gaming Chair

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair?

  • Armrests

Keep in mind that when you are seated in your gaming chair, your arms need both lots of opportunities for support and freedom to move. 

If you'll spend a lot of time on the gaming chair, we recommend choosing a chair with 4-Directional (4D) armrests that are specifically designed to provide support to your wrists, forearms, and elbows as well. 4D armrests also improve your seating ergonomics and relieve the pressure on your shoulders.

  • Seat 

Go for a chair that comes with cold foam padding. If the chair has cheap padding or your knees can feel the steel frame under the padding, you won't be comfortable for long in that chair.

Cold foam padding provides consistent support to your body and it is far more durable too. It offers the firmest yet softest feeling, even if you stay seated all day long.

  • Backrest 

There are two factors to look for when testing the backrest of a gaming chair: support and adjustability.

When you're out shopping, position the adjustable pillows along the 2 curves in your spine: above your shoulders and at the lower back. Play around with the recline until you find the sweet spot where your entire body feels optimally supported.

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How to select the right size of a gaming chair?

Pick a size that fits your body type. Choosing the right sized gaming chair will ensure maximum ergonomic and posture support. Backrest height determines where the neck pillow will fit you.

A right sized chair will also ensure that you can set your feet firmly on the ground. This will help offset your body weight by distributing it evenly throughout the surface of the seat. When trying out the chair, set the height so that your feet can plant firmly on the ground.

Don't think that a bigger chair will mean more comfort; if the chair is too big, you won't get proper support from the cushions.

After reading this article, do you know how to choose the gaming chair that suits you?

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