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How To Choose A Comfortable Office Chair

Mar 19, 2021

Adjusting the height of the back of the chair  

The ideal working height should be adjusted so that the thighs are roughly flat, the calves are vertical, and the feet are firmly on the ground or on the pedals of the chair. The height adjustment handle needs to be easily adjusted in a normal sitting posture.

Seat tilt forward lock  

Although you may not be used to the slightly forward sitting posture at first, this is the ideal posture for long-term work in front of the computer. The slightly forward sitting posture ensures that the user’s spine is straight and reduces the pressure on the lower back. So as to protect the health of sitting users.


Curved backrest and sitting position  

The line of the backrest and the seat should conform to the curve of the human body. A good chair, in addition to the correct curve, is the most important thing to be comfortable in the seat. Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of the seat cushion. Office chairs should use high-density, excellent elasticity, and uniform-density chair cushions to be more scientific.

Angle adjustment of the seat and back of the chair  

The adjustable seat and back of the chair can provide enough support for the user's back and ensure the correct sitting posture, whether facing the computer, general desk work, making a phone call, meeting, or even taking a break. The health of the user.

Sliding wheels  

Sliding wheels can help you quickly move within the appropriate range. Due to the different floor materials, in addition to flexible steering, smooth rolling, pressure and wear resistance when choosing chair wheels, you should also pay attention to the material of the chair wheels; firm and durable, Does not scratch clothing.