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How To Adjust The Recline About Office Chair

Dec 27, 2017

Its really simple: the key is to see the type of your chairs. One type is circular,anti-clockwise turn low, clockwise height, screw principle. Another is have a handle, we can control it to adjust the height.According to the different of computer chair style and performance, the backrest angle can be divided into 90 °, 100 °, 125 °,some computer chairs up to 155 °back angle. Scientific research shows that when backwards angle is 90 °, 100 ° and 125 ° are enough for normal use. Below we will explain in details the role of computer chairs and the effectiveness of all angles.

When the backrest and cushion have an angle is 90 °, its mean that the usual speaking the vertical angle, the body can make vertically, its make the back and computer chairs back fit so that people feel relaxed, and protect the lumbar and cervical; when the backrest and cushion is 100 °, this is a slightly relaxed state for people, that is a state of not working, when this time, its more suitable to watch movies online, or play some casual games (athletic games use the 90 ° backrest). In this perspective, you can concentrate on your attention while you are in a more relaxed state. You can also protect your eyesight. When you end your day's work, you can adjust the computer chair to 125 °

125 ° is for rest, narrowing his eyes a little rest, fatigue away, pack up, go home and enjoy life; part of the computer chair back angle is able to reach 155 °, at this point of view , the body is almost lying flat, 155 ° for deep sleep, general we did hope use this angle . For deep sleep, choose 180 ° lying more comfortable. The basic principle of ergonomics is that there is no so-called "ordinary" person. However, it is unrealistic to design an office chair for every consumer. The only solution seems to be to provide a fully adjustable office chair.

Choose a chair: Easy to adjust when sitting> Easy to adjust height and tilt> No pressure on thighs and knees> Tilt the front of the chair to the floor: Adjust the height of the chair: the height of the chair in front of the chair Knees along the knee sitting on the chair, the knee inside the front edge of the chair with 5cm, distance back so that there is no back below the gap Armrest just touch the elbow By the above computer chair angle adjustment knowledge, we can later be based on their needs to choose the right computer chair angle