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How Do Electric Standing Desks Work

Dec 24, 2020

In fact, the lifting table is not so mysterious. Its structure is actually very simple. It is composed of steel frame + motor + table board. The motor is controlled by electric power to achieve the lifting effect. Of course, there are bound to be limitations when the effect is achieved with the help of external force. Then there is a manual lifting table, which can be controlled by a manual rocker. Let's talk about the working principle of the electric lifting table How to achieve it.

Electric Standing Desk

First of all, we need to understand its basic components: table angle + motor + table frame + central controller + manual controller + table board. The central controller is used to link and control the motor. The basic principle is that it is transmitted to the central controller through external power, and the central controller after power on controls the positive and negative (up and down) operation of the motor. The table corner is divided into 2-3 sections, and the motor is fixed together with the table angle to control the motor operation At the same time, it controls the rise and fall of the table corner, and the table frame is fixed on the table corner. When the table corner rises and falls, it drives the rise and fall of the whole table, realizing the alternating rise and fall of standing and sitting freely.