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How About The Ergonomic Chair

Jan 11, 2018

How about the ergonomic chair?

We spend more than a third of the time sitting in a chair every day, sitting long time will backache, have a sub-health status, even serious will have spinal disease. So a good chair on human health is very important, then the ergonomic chair was born. Today we look at how about the ergonomic chair, ergonomic chair new recommendation.

Ergonomic chairusing mesh (composition: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), green fabric + high-quality memory foam and other elastic materials to produce cushion and back, in the process design is very suitable for the development of the new trend of furniture. Have a good breathable heat dissipation, comfortable health, to prevent the chair during the use of bacterial growth environment. And can reduce the buttocks oppression area, pressing the force at the acupuncture points, promote hip blood circulation, avoid neck and shoulder strain, maintain your healthy body.

Ergonomic chair of the design concept of human health focus on the main, its because that reason which determines the ergonomic chair is different from the traditional seat development direction.Based on the physiological characteristics of human begins, according to the data of human fatigue test, the relative ideal curve shape of ergonomic chair is finally determined by the complicated data test.

Ergonomic chair design generous, unique, stylish, lightweight, is widely used in modern family, entertainment, Internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference rooms, office computer desk a new type of environmental health chair. Design principles to release the natural, human conditioning, suitable for a variety of body type regulation; material mainly on environmentally friendly materials.