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High-Tech Comfortable Ergonomic Mesh Executive Office Chair

Dec 04, 2017

A few items should pay attention to when choose the computer chairs or the office chairs


In a lot of work furniture, office chairs, computer chairs occupy a lot of share, buy office chairs, computer chairs, where do you need to start? Below our office furniture manufacturers tell you the following basic authentication skills:


The first point: office chair fabric and appearance of raw materials to confirm


Leather fabric with imitation leather, green leather, Western leather, Microfiber leather and leather, no matter what kind of leather, feel must be clear lines, bright color, bright. Good leather, wear-resistant, leather will not bleaching.

The second point: air rod


Recommend the choice of electroplating gas bar, the use of the process is not easy to leak, long service life, the appearance of stainless steel like the kind of look extraordinarily high, very useful, but also can be arbitrary rotation and lift. This is very important, in the past, our company did not understand this, so buy the computer chair is not durable, often up, down down, and asked the sales company to replace the gas bar, equal to have to pay to buy this accessory It's


The third point: wheels


Also known as the universal wheel, which is the most commonly used working chair wheel, the universal wheel is divided into two types, namely the wheel and screwdriver, smooth and not prone to noise, the layout of strong, by.

The fourth point: the structure


To choose anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, heat and humidity, high stability shelf. This shelf is generally electroplating pipe, pipe wall spray spray more used, not simple rust.


Fifth point: sponge


Sponge is very important, this is related to the comfort of sitting chair, the general sponge precision cushion sponge in the fine 33, the accuracy is too high, it will be harder to sit up, of course, the accuracy can not be too low, too low, Well, sitting long will fall into it. Can not choose more renewable cotton.

Sixth point: nail and screw


This is a matter of detail, the choice of mechanism claw is not easy to drop, a simple device, very good than the screw.