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High Quality Leather Office Chair

Oct 22, 2019

Four key points in the design of the office chair, such an office chair will make the sitting person feel more comfortable. 

1: Sitting high ergonomic office chair height has a great influence on the occupant. If the height is unreasonable, the sitting posture will be distorted, the waist will be fatigued or the thigh artery will be forced to cause lower limb numbness. Therefore, it is very self-willed to design the seat height as an adjustable type. The leather office chair can adjust the height according to the height and weight of the body. Adjustable is a trend of ergonomic office furniture design. Office chair design point 

2: The ergonomic design of the office chair seat angle can adjust the body pressure distribution around the ischial structure. If the angle of inclination is too large, the pressure on the buttocks will increase, and the pressure will be exerted on the ride. At the same time, the angle of inclination is too small, or there is a anteversion angle. The direct sale of the leather office chair may cause the seat slip phenomenon. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, the office should pay attention to whether the sitting angle of the computer chair is integrated into the ergonomic design. Only when it is in line with the human body structure, sedentary will not be so exhausted. Office chair design point 

3: The sitting width of the office chair mainly affects the range of activity of the human hip on the seat.

Because office furniture is more functional than home furniture, it is generally said. Therefore, the buyer usually asks the manufacturer to provide the certificate of the relevant test before the order is placed to ensure the functionality and safety. To this end, we will introduce relevant international testing requirements and instructions for office furniture manufacturers that are sold to European and American markets. High-quality leather office chair US city test requirements: According to the National Standards/Commerce and Furniture Manufacturers Association X5.1-1993 regulations, the general inspection items include: a. Static state bearing capacity b. Strength bearing capacity c. Durability test Or product life cycle test category leather office chair direct sales I: tiltable seat detection items and functional tests are: a. static state bearing back strength test b. strength load bearing fall test c. product life cycle seat impact Test general chair foot or snowmobile seat bottom test items and functional tests are static state bearing capacity (for category II seats) chair foot strength test (including front and side legs and side legs).