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Hemingway Standing Writing

Jan 04, 2021

Hemingway is a famous American writer. He has a special habit in writing: standing.

No matter how late he went to bed the night before, he would go to the desk early in the morning and read it again.

Let him immerse himself in the plot of what he has written, and then he stands on one foot and begins to write In this way, Hemingway succeeded.

He wrote the novel farewell to arms, for whom the bell tolls, and the novella the old man and the sea

He won the Nobel Prize for literature in 54 years.

When a reporter asked him why he had to stand and write, Hemingway replied with a smile: "this posture puts me in a state of tension and makes me do my best.

I can express myself quickly. "

Hemingway's habit is undoubtedly good, but Lu Yao, the famous writer of our country, fell down on the road of writing because of his heart disease, which is very painful.

I hope that hard-working modern writers will always stand when they are sedentary and hard-working Writing is important, body is more important!