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Game Table And Chair Color Decryption

Oct 26, 2019

Internet cafe decoration Do not forget the color matching of the game tables and chairs, different colors of the Internet cafe tables and chairs will bring a different sense. Internet cafes and chairs color decryption for you to analyze the different effects of different colors Internet cafe tables and chairs on Internet cafes customer products!

(1) Red table and chair

Red can stimulate and excite the body's nervous system, enhance blood circulation and increase adrenaline secretion. However, after a long period of high-frequency exposure to red, people will develop anxiety, feeling and physical and mental stress, especially for those who are fatigued, it is easy for them to feel exhausted. Therefore, the use of red tables and chairs in Internet cafes should be appropriate. In general, red is only used as a decorative color or one of the main colors of Internet cafe tables and chairs, and is often used in the color matching of Internet cafes.

(2) Orange table and chair

Orange has the effect of inducing appetite and creating vitality, which is conducive to recovery and health. Therefore, orange is used in entertainment rooms, kitchens, etc. For Internet cafes with sedentary features, the orange Internet cafe tables and chairs are a good choice for a long-lasting state of mind. Especially in the Internet cafes against the battle zone and the competitive area.

(3) Purple table and chair

Purple has the effect of suppressing the motor nerves, lymphatic system and heart system, maintaining the balance of potassium in the body, and promoting the feeling of quietness and love and caring for others. In some theme Internet cafes, purple Internet cafes are popular. Ordinary Internet cafe tables and chairs generally only use purple as the embellishment color.

(4) yellow table and chair

Like red, yellow has the effect of stimulating nerves and strengthens logical thinking, but golden yellow is easy to cause instability and arbitrary behavior of human behavior. Internet cafes and tables and chairs are not pure gold, generally only as a decoration, and not a true color.

(5) blue table and chair

Blue has the effect of adjusting body balance and reducing pulse. It is used in the bedroom; it can effectively eliminate tension and help relieve headache, fever, syncope and insomnia. The blue environment makes people feel quiet and quiet. The blue color in the bar tables and chairs is a color that is often used.

(6) Green table and chair

Green generally has a calming nerve effect, which can promote the balance of the body, and is beneficial to people who are active or physically and mentally depressed. Natural green has a certain overcoming effect on syncope, fatigue and negative emotions. Because the green color of the cyber bar decoration is generally replaced by plant pots, the green color of the bar stool design is usually only used as decoration.