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Game Table And Chair 5 Big Alternative Cleaning Method

Nov 04, 2019

What is the alternative cleaning method for Internet cafe tables and chairs? First of all, we must first understand the material used in the mainstream Internet cafe tables and chairs. The Internet cafe table is made of tempered glass as the glass surface, the painted steel pipe is used as the main frame, and the heat dissipation net is used; the Internet cafe chair is made of wear-resistant automobile skin as the fabric. After using the Internet cafe tables and chairs for a period of time, there are many people surfing the Internet every day. There are some dirt on the surface of the Internet cafe tables and chairs. Some dirt is difficult to clean. At this time, we need to use some cleaning agents. Cleaning, such as: universal water. Today, I teach you some daily care methods for Internet cafe tables and chairs, hoping to help everyone.

1. Egg white cleaning method: This method is mainly for those white internet cafe chairs. Generally, the white color is dirty, and the dirt is particularly stubborn. We can prepare a fresh egg. Then take an appropriate amount of egg white and place it on the dirt to wipe the dirty surface. This method is especially effective for leather netting chairs, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect, so that the leather net bar sofa or the net bar chair after washing is relatively bright.

 2. Milk cleaning method: You can put it in the milk for a while with a clean rag (please don't use the coarser cloth, it is recommended to use softer cotton fabric) and then use this to wipe the wooden internet cafe table. The chair can effectively remove dirt, and finally scrub with water several times.

3. Toothpaste cleaning method: This method works well for white and silver lacquered internet cafe tables. The lacquered internet cafe tables generally have black, white and even other bright colors. Due to the speciality of the production process, the surface is flat and smooth, but in the After a period of use, the dirt on the surface will mask its luster and glaze. At this point, we can use some toothpaste to get the dirt, so that it can be restored several times before it can restore the former luster, but don't use too much force when wiping, because the fine calcium carbonate particles in the toothpaste will rub.