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Game Sofa Fabric Selection Method

Nov 04, 2019

The fabric sofa of the Internet cafe is now used more, but its selection method has always been a concern, so do you know the choice of Internet cafes and sofa fabrics? Customize your table eight, the fabric that belongs to your own internet cafe:

As a hot industry, in order to give customers a more comfortable experience, in addition to the Internet performance requirements of Internet cafes, part of the choice of sofa is also very important. Internet cafes will also be comfortable sofas to a certain extent. Traffic introduces the selection method of sofa fabrics for Internet cafes here.

The long-term mechanical wear life of fabric density is the relevant national standard for sofas. The density of sofa fabrics is greater than 300D. Most of them use fabrics or fabrics. It is difficult to use in Chinese cotton textile microfiber fabrics because of the pure surface. Due to shrinkage and durability and elasticity, fabric sofas rarely use cotton fabrics.

Therefore, gradually choose the sofa from the inside to the outside, not only from the style of furniture, the sofa has the highest utilization rate, is the main component of home life, from the perspective of environmental protection, comfort, durability, health, carefully choose, understand Some basic common sense, can not deceive people by appearance, but the value of internal and external funds.