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Game Chair Design

Jul 04, 2017

The overall design of the game chair is a classic all-inclusive support from the car, and the traditional racing game chair is known for its ability to wrap the human body, but the hard game chair material makes the comfort of the game chair Drop, AKracing this concept into the office chair and be optimized, large cushion design, effectively reduce the buttocks muscle strain; use imported high-density sponge as the game chair's internal filling, so that the game chair to maintain high-wrap At the same time, reduce the hardness of the game chair, improve comfort, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fatigue.

The back of the game chair is also a highlight of the AKracing office game chair. Backrest using racing-style high-straight design, increased most of the game chair did not increase the long head, Gaming Chair make up most of the lack of head of the computer chair to rely on rest, reducing the pressure on the cervical spine, can effectively prevent cervical pain and other fatigue problem.

At the same time AKracing high back and back design can provide users with enough waist support force, this AKracing allows you to keep the medical profession recognized the best sitting, "three right angles" sitting (ie, calf and thighs, hips and waist, before Arm elbow joints become a right angle) one of the key. Gaming Chair The general office chair back more "thin", a serious lack of support, so that most of the white-collar workers in the work of unknowingly bent over, the formation of lumbar pain and other occupational diseases, and AKracing game chair with a correct sitting position can be very good To solve this problem.

In all kinds of science fiction and animation, the warships of the warships of the warships will have a mad caravan can not drive the driver's seat, not only has a holographic screen but also automatically adjust the location to turn around. For ordinary Cock silk, in the movie inside the eye addiction even if the. Gaming Chair But for the high Shuai Fu these do not burn money is not comfortable Squi people is not the same, and now have to let you achieve the ultimate fantasy opportunity - Emperor200 intelligent work game station, now as long as 45,000 dollars Oh pro!

This is called the Emperor series of one of the work of the game station as early as CES2009 has been exhibited, 200 is its latest generation. At that time, MWELAB launched Emperor1510 has dropped $ 6200 astronomical price, and Emperor200 price directly turned seven times. In the end it has God horse three arms?

First, from the configuration will be able to see its value: 3 27-inch display, each resolution of 2560 × 1080; 2 intel Xeon CPU; 32GB PC3-12800 memory; 1TB 7200; Quadro 4000 2 GB Professional graphics card. These top-level configuration will be fully integrated in the Emperor200, Gaming Chair give you the most powerful entertainment and enjoy the work experience!

Of course, it can sell high prices and its design has a great relationship. Bionic design of the game chair, simulate the shape of the animal's spinal cord, not only user-friendly free to adjust the height of the screen, while the back of the game chair will automatically adjust the angle to give you the most comfortable sitting, Gaming Chair which for long-term play and work People is a very user-friendly design.

These are in this year CES2012 above, Emperor200 demo. See me and so on Cock silk simply to be blind! Even the demo Emperor can play a high handsome rich temperament, can imagine the real people who can have it burned.

If you do not like the science of science-style white style, Emperor200 also provides a red and black two options, but have to add a little bit of money on the ... ... Overall, MWELAB launched this Emperor200 workstation is the ultimate dream of countless players But also the ultimate nightmare: ultra-high configuration + electric game chair + machine integration, if coupled with a toilet on the perfect; 45,000 US dollars offer is simply anti-human, converted into the yuan nearly 300,000! Emperor200 is now only available on the official website of MWELAB, there are a variety of configurations are free to choose, but the minimum configuration is not less than 40,000 US dollars, T_T I can only wait for the silk silk and so busy.