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Function Principle Of Ergonomic Chairs

Jan 23, 2017

Mesh ergonomic mainly used (ingredients: DuPont polyester fiber yarn +), green fabric + high quality memory foam elastic material of environmental protection cushion and seat back, in the process is designed to adapt to the new wave of the future development. With good air permeability, thermal characteristics, comfort care, can prevent bacterial growth in the Chair the environment. And lead to less hip back pressure area, pressing force points, promote blood circulation, prevent neck, shoulder, waist hip back strain, to keep your healthy body. Develop more successful are: DXRACER, EXTREME, Star light health chairs.
Ergonomic adjustment fatigue from the following areas: head: head restraint height and rotation can be adjusted, can allow users to cervical spine naturally fit headrest norms sitting posture, anti-Office enjoy. Head pillow height fully supports your cervical spine as the best location. Back: third and fourth vertebrae is the best position at the waist, the whole seat back height adjustment, easy to meet the needs of different users, reducing lumbar vertebrae bear most of the weight. Lumbar support: the separate activities of lumbar, resilience focuses on activities on the waist, giving users the most close to support. Active waist by adjusting the curves fitted to the back of the entire lower back relaxed comfort, dorsal vertebrae to relax, so as to relieve the fatigue of dorsal vertebrae. Armrests: adjust the armrest height and angle, so that transition more smooth hands and countertops to prevent mouse hand. Angle adjustable, non-free lock back, curved stick design, bow, strength and flexibility, handrail curved streamline processing.