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Foreigners Talk About Made In China. How Powerful Is Made In China?Did You Seize The Opportunity To Import?

Dec 31, 2020

Made in China has always been controversial and has been hit by various blows from Western countries, mainly because the products made in China are cheap and very affordable, so to a certain extent, it has impacted their domestic manufacturing. What is it like for foreigners to talk about Made in China? How powerful is Made in China?

China is a big manufacturing country, and Chinese manufacturing has made great contributions to the world. Since the founding of New China, industrialization has become the most important development direction of our country, and industry has gradually become a pillar industry of the national economy, and its dominant position has been significantly strengthened. Since my country's energy prices were very low at the beginning, the prices of export commodities produced in China were relatively low, and they were very popular among foreigners. Some foreigners talked about manufacturing in China. He said that now they cannot do without products made in China.

Nearly half of my country’s fiscal revenue comes from industry. In 2010, the number of employees in industrial enterprises whose main business income was more than 5 million yuan in one year exceeded 90 million. In 2010, the industrial added value accounted for 40.1% of GDP, compared with 1952. Of 17.6% increased by 22.5 percentage points. China has built the world’s fastest supercomputer. According to the National Innovation Index Report 2013, China’s R&D expenditure reached 1029.84 billion yuan, ranking third in the world, and the proportion of high-tech industry exports in manufacturing exports ranking first in the world , The added value of the knowledge service industry ranks third in the world. It can be seen from the country’s creation and application of intellectual property rights that China’s applications for invention patents have surpassed the United States for three consecutive years, ranking first in the world.

Therefore, experienced foreign merchants will choose to import products from China because of high profits and good product quality. Have you ever imported any products from China?

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