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Fitness Equipment Development Trend

Dec 17, 2020

Through a detailed analysis of the development trend of fitness equipment, we know that in the past, domestic consumers used fitness equipment products mainly concentrated in treadmills, small strength training equipment, fitness bicycles, etc., but now some "high" products used only in professional training "Technology" has also begun to enter the field of mass fitness. The training fitness equipment is equipped with an intelligent system, and the tailor-made training plan can run automatically. After miniaturization and portable design, it can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, calculate mileage, burn calories and other functions. It can also be "condensed" in small instruments such as sports stopwatches, watches, bracelets, and become a good helper for scientific fitness. It is expected that the fitness equipment market will further expand in the future.

Development trend forecast

1. The domestic fitness equipment consumer market is expected to further expand

Compared with the mature European and American markets, the domestic fitness equipment consumer market is still in the process of continuous development and improvement in terms of market size, consumer maturity, fitness awareness, and sales channels. At present, the average urban households in my country have only 4 sets of fitness equipment per 100 households, and the penetration rate is still less than 5%.

With the construction of a healthy China, the rise of national fitness as a national strategy, and the transformation of residents’ life concepts, participating in physical exercise is becoming a popular lifestyle. According to the construction goals of the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will reach 435 million in 2020. Under the guidance and support of national policies, benefiting from the increase in residents' income and the continuous cultivation of fitness atmosphere, the domestic fitness equipment consumer market is expected to further expand.

2. European and American fitness equipment markets will remain stable, and integration within the industry will accelerate

After years of development, the fitness market in developed countries in Europe and the United States has been relatively mature, and the scale of the industry has maintained a steady growth trend. The future growth space mainly comes from the new demand brought by the update of stock products, the application of new technologies, and the research and development of new products.

Affected by economic fluctuations, some international fitness equipment manufacturers with single products and narrow market coverage have suffered losses or even went bankrupt, and mergers and reorganizations in the industry have occurred from time to time. International fitness equipment manufacturers generally choose a few fixed individual OEM manufacturers in the country, so the integration between international fitness equipment manufacturers will also have a certain impact on the OEM processing business structure of domestic enterprises.

3. Fitness equipment products will become more intelligent, personalized and fashionable

With the continuous improvement of consumption level and consumption awareness, domestic consumers will place more emphasis on the intelligence, fashion and personal needs of products while pursuing the functionality and safety of fitness equipment products.

Fitness equipment manufacturers need to dig deeper into customer needs and improve the market attractiveness of their products. For example, by carrying APP programs and an intelligent data collection and analysis system, tailor-made fitness plans for exercisers, monitor fitness movements and give guidance, so as to meet consumers' needs for personalized scientific fitness;

Implanting gamification and social elements to build a fitness community platform to enhance customer stickiness will also create more opportunities for manufacturers to communicate with consumers. In the pure OEM processing business, the design and production of fitness equipment is far away from the end customer. When developing independent brand business, domestic fitness equipment manufacturers must do more research, excavate and adapt to the consumer needs of end customers, and improve the intelligence, individuality and fashion of design and research products.

4. Integration of informatization and industrialization to create an intelligent fitness equipment manufacturing system

The individuation and diversity of consumer demand will gradually change the traditional repetitive manufacturing model of mass production lines for fitness equipment, and shift to a multi-specification, small-batch manufacturing model, and eventually achieve customized production. This requires the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. On the one hand, while labor costs are gradually increasing, increase the proportion of automated production equipment and improve production efficiency; on the other hand, improve the information system in production process design, product design and research and development, production planning and arrangement, and the establishment of big data on customer demand. The collective function in the whole process realizes the intelligentization of the manufacturing system.

From the perspective of the development environment, with the implementation of policies such as "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption", "National Fitness Plan (2016-2020)", and "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Sports Industry Development", The fitness equipment market’s policies continue to increase, and the development environment is gradually improving; coupled with the increase in the number of fitness people and the continuous popularity of fitness clubs, it is expected that my country’s fitness equipment market will maintain a growth rate of 9% in the future, and the market scale will be 2020 It is expected to exceed RMB 50 billion. The above is the author's detailed analysis of the development trend of fitness equipment.

--By Weiwo