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What Are The Characteristics Of The Gaming Chair

Mar 09, 2021

1. Fabric mix and match: According to the comfort test results of European seat experts, the backrest is made of sports car-specific soft leather, the seat cushion is made of harder racing-specific carbon fiber imitation leather, and the side wings are still made of well-acclaimed racing-specific particle cloth. decoration.

2. Color mix and match: Absorb the classic red and black colors of F1 racing cars, blend the concept of black and white grid patterns, and perfectly interpret the spirit of F1.

3. Visual effect: The overall shape is stylish and atmospheric, with first-class practicability and first-class decoration, which realizes the perfect transition of the seat from pragmatism to neo-visualism.

4. Steel frame upgrade: Optimize the internal frame on the original basis, the frame part is thicker by 1 mm overall, the comfort is improved, and the safety is enough to guarantee.

5. Upgrading of filling sponge: abandoning domestic high-density cold foam sponge, using imported special sponge for racing seats for the first time, and passing the 100,000-times squeezing non-deformation experiment.

6. High and straight backrest: It makes up for the low backrest of most computer chairs, the right side and the inability to overcome the problem of resting on the right side. At the same time, it also maintains a right-angle sitting posture between yourself and your waist, which satisfies the first of the three right-angle sitting postures recognized by the medical community. Important right angle.

7. 180 degree angle adjuster: You can adjust the backrest to any angle you feel comfortable for rest; it can even be placed near 180 degrees, lying flat for a nap, lunch break and sound sleep; especially suitable for long-term computer office or games.

8. Adjustable armrest: The armrest can be adjusted to a suitable height. The elbow joint of the keyboard and mouse must be operated continuously to be 90 degrees, which meets the second right angle recognized by the medical field, effectively avoiding slipping shoulders and hunchback caused by fatigue of the wrist. .

9. Five-star iron feet: free to move, safe and strong, rich in metal texture and modern flavor, which brings great convenience to the "mobile office".

10. Height lifting function: The seat can be adjusted to the most comfortable height according to the forecast or the height of the computer desk, super strong and free to show your wonderfulness.



Breathable—Because the design of the computer chair is a different mesh design, it can be said to be very breathable, especially for those of us who sit on the chair for a long time, or in the summer, it will be easy to sweat, and sweating will affect us. The pores are not good, so at this time, the design of the mesh computer chair is very considerate. Just use the mesh with holes. We won't feel stuffy when sitting on it, but just like sitting in the air.

stable—The computer chair is not a rigid board. It is mesh fabric and elastic. However, it will not sink in like a normal seat when you sit down. The mesh computer chair is very stable around it. When we sit on it, the net surface will jump tightly, supporting our body and making us more comfortable to use.

Supporting effect—The design of the computer chair is also very user-friendly, because we have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time, sometimes the waist will feel tired, so it sets a waist support system at the waist of the computer chair, which has a waist support system for our waist. Supporting function, which makes us very relaxed in our work.