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Dec 25, 2017

The correct posture of the computer chair

With the accelerating pace of modern life, increasingly fierce social competition and the popularization of Internet technology, more and more people are sitting at their desks for a long time or even engaging in mental work. Many young people's learning, entertainment, social activities are also launched on the Internet. Whether in the office or at home, sitting in front of a computer without fights in a row is a habit of many young people. "Sit", become a normal life of modern people. According to rough statistics, an ordinary person spent more than 40,000 hours sitting in a computer chair or work chair throughout his life. An office worker spent more than 60,000 hours in a work chair throughout his career. An IT practitioner spent more time in a work chair 80,000 hours. According to the recent health report analysis, for a long time to sit on the design of unreasonable, uncomfortable sitting on the chair, will affect the body's blood circulation, damage the body's digestive system, disrupt the body's metabolism, but also threaten the health of bones, cervical spondylosis , Lumbar disease, frozen shoulder, wrist vasculitis and other diseases. This shows that the correct and comfortable sitting and a high quality and comfortable computer chair is very important for health.

So, a comfortable high-quality work chairs should have what characteristics? How to choose a working computer chair as a consumer?

        We often say the "three 90 degrees, one center" principle, namely:

        So that while maintaining the natural curve of the spine, let the upper body and thigh angle of 90 to 105 degrees, the easiest way to support the entire upper body, reduce lumbar pressure;

When sitting with the knee as the connecting point of the thigh and lower leg should maintain the angle of 90 to 105 degrees, the level of the thigh to the ground, the leg should be perpendicular to the ground, so that the lower leg can share the support of the body, thereby reducing the support of the hips load;

        When using the keyboard, the upper arm and the lower arm with the elbow as the connecting point should maintain an included angle of 90 to 105 degrees with proper support so as to avoid shouldering excessively caused by shoulders or shoulder discomfort.

User's head should not be over-tilted or reclined to naturally erect as appropriate, eyes forward head-up, flat-screen should fall on the computer screen in the middle or slightly above the position, not too uplifted or bent, to avoid giving Cervical vertebra brings unnecessary load, the screen and the eye should have a distance between the left and right arm length.