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Ergonomic Mesh Conference Chair, 90 Degrees Is Not Tired

Dec 01, 2017

Ergonomic Mesh Conference Chair, 90 degrees is not tired

    It is the basic of sitting to adhere to the three 90-degree. And each person's height are not the same so that in the selection of mesh conference chair, firstly we rule out the height of the cushion that cannot adjust, the narrow face of the applicable fixed Work chair. And the selection can be free to adjust the height of the cushion-type Mesh Conference Chair.


Suitable cushion depth is to ensure that the buttocks are not tired conditions, should sit on the bottom of your cushion and adjust the cushion depth, so that the cushion can effectively support more than 70% of the thigh area. As each body size is different, buttocks are not the same size, can adjust the seat to sit deep and help your hips to put more comfortable. The cushion margin should have a so-called waterfall-like elastic marginal plan that allows the user to lean forward or rearward to bend at any time to release the lower thigh pressure and promote lower limb blood circulation without slipping out of the seat feel.


The armrest is another major area that makes sitting more comfortable. Mesh office chair, assuming long-term use of the keyboard sitting in front of the computer, then suggested the selection of a armrest to move freely. Not suitable for the height of the armrest will cause the agility of the shoulder fatigue. Due to the 90- to 105-degree angle of the upper arm and the lower arm when using the keyboard, moderate support for the armrest is required. Therefore, the selection of mesh conference chair, the long-term use of the keyboard should be removed from the fixed armrest's chair, pick the height of armrests can be adjusted products. In addition, due to the use of left and right hand is not the same conditions, the height of the left and right handrails should be able to leave the conditioning can be different, rather than the same with the rise and fall of linkage. After adjustment to the appropriate orientation, there should be locking devices will be handrails locked to avoid bouncing or sliding down.


In the selection of a mesh conference chair, according to their own different enviorment in work and life.. Long-term desk operators, starting from a healthy point of view, try to pick the best in all aspects of the mesh conference chair, ergonomic mesh conference chair.


Elbow: When sitting comfortably, the elbows are as close as possible to the table to ensure that the upper arm is parallel to the spine. Place your hands on the workbench's exterior (such as a laptop or keyboard) and adjust the seat height up and down to ensure that the elbow Department at a right angle. Together, adjust the height of the armrest so that the upper arm happens to lift slightly at the arm.


Thigh: Check if your finger is able to slide under the thigh and the forefront of the chair. If the space is too tight, you need to add an adjustable footrest high thighs. If there is a finger width between your thigh and the front of your chair, then raise the chair's height.


Calf: in the hips close to the back of the chair state, try the clenched fist can not pass through the gap between the back of the calf and the front of the chair. If not easy to do, then the chair is too deep, you need to move the back of the chair forward, pad a cushion may change a chair.


Back Waist: Do not feel tired when the chair shrink into a ball, so will be rated to intensify the pressure on the lumbar and intervertebral disc. Will hips close to the back, the best put a cushion so that the back can be slightly tortuous, so exhausted, the body will not shrink into a pack, can minimize the back of the burden.


Height of field of view: Close your eyes, then gradually open your eyes, vision should fall on the center of the computer monitor. If the display orientation is too high or too low, then you need to make the appropriate adjustments to reduce neck muscle strain.


    Choosing a chair is more than just a meeting chair, office chair at office, and a cybercafe chair.