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Ergonomic Design Of The Game Chair

Sep 11, 2017

For the race game, a long time in front of the computer "hard", long-term spirit in a highly concentrated state, often "forget". A ergonomic seat, not only solve the problem of sitting posture, reduce fatigue, but also without worries, wholeheartedly "tackling." The test is the game chair.

The game chair is a study of the Asian posture to improve, the overall design of the use of the transfer from the car from the classic full siege of the supporting, Gaming Chair for the electric competition game players and office staff use of the computer seat. The following is the game chair red, Blue, brown 3 different colors of the style.

The backrest of the game chair is designed with high straight racing style, with longer head and more comfortable. Most computer chairs have lower backs, and the head and neck are unable to rely on rest, and the game chair is well satisfied with this.

And the high wrapping force of the game chair also had to mention, Gaming Chair feel each part of the back is supported, the spacious cushion design Plus is said to import high-density sponge as the filler, soft and comfortable.

Game Chair Features

Easy to store: small size does not occupy the city's place, can be stacked easy to clean and tidy the venue, professional for

Can be stacked

Video game City environment independent research and development of new models of electric playing special chair.

Comfort: Sedentary not tired, its cushion adopts advanced car perforated leather design, breathable strong, give you a new experience of the hip. Gaming Chair The design of the back is strong and can reduce the pressure of the waist. The use of advanced car stereotypes sponge, no variant does not fall off.

Fashion: The use of ergonomic design, comfortable. Design curve elegant, stylish. Gaming Chair Have a variety of color selection, so that your gaming city more stylish and dynamic.