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Ergonomic Chair Adjustment

Sep 20, 2017

Generally, the ergonomic chair in the functional design can do such regulation:

First, the height of the cushion determines how long you can sit the correct seat height, so the seat height must be adjusted to height that your feet height can be flat on the ground, and the thigh bending angle of 90 °.

Second, the depth of the cushion to determine the fatigue of your legs. The right seat depth should be seated in the top of the seat cushion, and adjust the depth of the cushion, so that the seat can effectively support the thigh area of 2/3 or more, and let the thigh and leg bending angle was 90 °.

Third, the armrest height determines the fatigue of your shoulder. The correct height of the armrest should be adjusted to the arm and elbow was 90 °, at this time the arm naturally hanging, without any shoulder is right. Long-term arms in the absence of support or poor support will cause shoulder pain or frozen shoulder and other conditions, the impact on health is huge.

Fourth, the waist height of your lumbar vertebrae determine the fatigue of your lumbar spine.The correct height of waist height should be adjusted to the third, fourth, fifth waist vertebrae position, because when the body presents sitting position, in addition to legs and buttocks, the rest of the weight of the whole person is carried by the waist spine, so the correct adjustment of the height of the waist helps to prevent tendon or muscle film inflammation, disc herniation, spine, lumbar sprain, degenerative spine inflammation,sciatica and so on.

Fifth, the angle of the armrest pad to determine your hand, elbow joint fatigue.The correct angle of the armrest pad should be able to any time to give your hand or elbow moderate support, hand or elbow no moderate support easy to cause Carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow syndrome long-term, of course, which is also related to the protection of cervical spine.

Sixth, the backrest of the angle to determine the fatigue of the vertebrae.The correct angle of backrest should be completely attached to the back of the backrest, so that the vertebrae can be a certain degree of relaxation, and thus effectively relieve the fatigue of the vertebrae, to prevent the chest back pain.

Seventh, the height and angle of the head pillow to determine the fatigue of your cervical spine. The correct headrest height should be adjust headrest in the third section of the cervical spine to the seventh section, so as to make the cervical spine to be moderate support, effectively relieve the neck spine fatigue, prevention of bone spur or chronic spine degeneration.

Eighth, the angle of backrest tilting will determine your back of the comfort.The elastic adjustment of the backrest back should be based on the weight of the back to relax after the standard , to properly adjust the size of the back stretch, if the elasticity is greater than the back weight will reflect to turn back or backward is not easy to cause discomfort, if the elasticity is less than the back weight to produce the feeling of lack of support or inadvertently rely on the rapid rise caused by insecurity.