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E-sports Hotel Rankings The Advantages Of Traditional Internet Cafes

Mar 11, 2021

 In today's Internet cafe industry where competition is getting fiercer and operations are getting more and more difficult, why can e-sports hotels become a new investment hotspot? Where is the operating logic? What about advantages and profit points?

   Located in Internet cafes and e-sports halls, it has increased the game experience, game environment, supporting services and other soft services. The e-sports hotel aims to provide e-sports enthusiasts with better, more intimate and more comfortable services.

   The consumption scene of e-sports enthusiasts has made a detailed analysis. Internet cafes and e-sports halls are places to play games. With the game process of consumers, there will be physical phenomena such as hunger, tiredness, fatigue, and sleepiness. E-sports hotels are In order to solve various problems such as consumers. Here you can play games, eat, and have a clean, hygienic and comfortable private space. The most important thing is that you can sleep when you are tired.

   Moreover, the site selection is not as limited as the e-sports stadium. Most of them can be selected near universities and relatively prosperous commercial areas, so the rent is not as high as the e-sports stadium; in addition, the turnover rate of e-sports hotels is relatively low. The room can only be played by a group of customers a day;

   Moreover, the payback cycle is relatively fixed. Another difference between e-sports hotels and ordinary hotels is that the room can be opened at 5 o'clock at first, and check-out can be done at 3 o'clock the next day. The price is also very cheap and affordable, because it is one hour compared to Internet cafes that start better. Consumption costs 8-15 yuan, so compared to Internet cafes and e-sports hotels, it is accompanied by attractiveness to consumers.

   The concept of e-sports hotel is to provide consumers with a superior e-sports game environment to truly enjoy e-sports games. This is also a breakthrough in the real realization of the game + sleep, and satisfies the player's idea of taking a good rest after being tired.

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