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Do Gaming Chairs Help Posture

Apr 08, 2021

The reason why it is called an ergonomic chair is that the human spine has a natural curvature. The design of its back and seat surface can make the chair fit the human body and make it easier for the user to maintain the correct sitting posture. The support must be supported. Do not exert too much effort on the relaxed part, so that you can sit more comfortably.

The sitting posture of most people is not standard, and the height of the chair and table is not suitable for them, the shoulder and neck, lumbar spine, and even the pelvis of long-term desk workers will have varying degrees of problems.

The study found People who sit in the office for a long time have a significantly higher risk of colon cancer than those who exercise regularly and physically work. Retention and stimulation of the intestinal mucosa, coupled with poor blood circulation in the abdominal, pelvic, and lumbosacral regions of sedentary people, can lead to a decline in the immune barrier function. Called "certain job cancer".



How to sit right?

Before focusing on the correct sitting posture, you must first have a "correct chair" that can adjust the height up and down and move back and forth with the seat and back of the chair. There are wheels to move, and armrests to lay down and rest with your hands. Therefore, you need a chair that can be adjusted to suit your height, and the movable chair back will help and get the correct angle of rest and relaxation. Avoid using a chair that cannot be moved and adjusted. If you always sit stiffly, your body will inevitably be sore. The so-called correct sitting posture is very complicated and varies from person to person. Everyone has the most suitable and comfortable sitting posture, but the most important thing is to "sit well". Muscle fatigue, back pain and spine deformities followed one after another. Generally speaking, when sitting, keep the alignment joints at 90 degrees and lay flat on the ground. Other details include the distance between the line of sight and the computer screen, the placement and angle of the screen and the keyboard, and the gestures used on the keyboard. These factors Can have an impact on health.


E-sports chairs are also designed with some elements combined with ergonomic chairs, so professional e-sports chairs are very comfortable, and the back and seats are made of special sponge for racing, which has high resilience and good wrapping. But it should be noted that whether it is an e-sports chair or a sofa, if we sit for a long time and do not exercise, then whatever chair we sit on will be tired, and no chair will not be sore after sitting for a long time. The start time makes you sit longer. However, the gaming chair is definitely more comfortable than ordinary chairs, and a reasonable design can effectively support the waist.

From an ergonomic point of view:

 The first is the adjustment of the head, the height and angle of the headrest are humanized, and the corresponding adjustments are made for different body types to guide and guide the sitting posture to reduce the fatigue of the human body.

Then adjust the back of the chair, aim at the waist or curved back, aim at the best support position of the waist, and reduce most of the human body weight on the lumbar vertebrae.

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Correctness refers to the adjustment of the depth of the seat cushion. For users of different heights, the depth of the seat cushion is adjusted to the appropriate position to pull the correct sitting posture; the natural release effect improves the work efficiency.

Finally, for the adjustment of the armrest, adjust the height and angle of the armrest to make the transition between the hand and the table surface smoother and prevent the mouse hand from being generated. Relax the fatigue of office workers at work.

The most important function of a computer chair is to provide comfort and protection for the spine, and the computer chair makes the most of it. The spine is the most stressed part of the human body, and it is also the most active part. The soreness caused by each overuse is irreversible. As a computer chair that we want to use for a long time, we not only need to pay attention to it. Fashionable appearance meets our spiritual needs, and we need it to provide meticulous protection to the spine.

On the basis of the ergonomic bionic ridge design, the technology has been further upgraded. The multi-dimensional freely rotating headrest, integrated support frame and bidirectional adjustable lumbar pillow provide the most thoughtful fit protection for the three physiological curvatures of the spine. Carefully protect your spine. With adjustable pedals and 180-degree reclining adjustment, your office life has never been so comfortable and relaxing.