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Different Styles Of Game Sofas, Different Maintenance Methods

Oct 26, 2019

If the Internet cafes change to Internet cafes is the inevitable development of Internet cafes, then the Internet cafes from a single wood + fabric to material diversification is also the inevitable trend of the Internet cafe furniture industry.

1.Wooden Internet cafe sofa maintenance

(1) The wooden Internet cafe should not be wet and should not be directly exposed to sunlight;

(2) The wooden net bar sofa should be wiped dry with a dry cloth immediately after wiping with a damp cloth in the daily cleaning process. Since the wooden sofa is made of natural wood as the raw material of the board, waxing is a good maintenance method, and should be used once every six months.

(3) When cleaning the wooden Internet cafe sofa, you can first remove the dirt with water or soapy water, and then spray the maintenance oil for maintenance, which can provide long-term protection.

2.The maintenance of the Internet cafe fabric sofa

(1) The dust removal of the Internet cafe fabric sofa must be timely, especially the dust between the dead corner of the sofa and the fabric structure. If it is not timely, it will be difficult to clean.

(2) The cushion of the Internet cafe fabric sofa also needs to be turned over, or the sun is exposed. Helps to sterilize, remove moisture, loose internal fibers, and maintain the elasticity of the seat cushion.

(3) When the Internet cafe fabric sofa is just put into use, put a cloth cover or bushing on the sofa. This will protect the Internet cafe fabric sofa and facilitate post-cleaning.

3. the maintenance of the leather Internet cafe sofa

(1) Mengda Furniture is a senior manufacturer of Internet cafe tables, chairs and sofas. The leather sofas are made of imported high-grade leather. Due to the good material of the seat surface, it has the properties of meninges and dirt resistance, so it is very simple in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

(2) The daily cleaning method of the leather bar sofa is to wipe the sofa with a clean towel and wring it out once a week. If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge or detergent, or wash it with a cloth of appropriate concentration of soapy water, then air dry.

(3) The most important thing for the leather bar sofa is to avoid exposure, avoid moisture, prevent insects, prevent cockroaches, and clean the timing. Generally speaking, as long as the maintenance is normal, the life of the leather bar sofa can last up to 5 years.